All About VK

Who is Venomous Kate?

Venomous Kate is a married, 40-something, former attorney and probably the only person in known history who gladly left the warm climes Hawaii to live in Kansas, which she truly considers “paradise.” She staves off intellectual boredom by blogging, writing freelance articles (hire her!), working on her novel (publish her!) and raising her Big-Eyed Boy.

What does she believe?

believes that life is too short to let fools suffer. She has therefore made it her personal mission to point out and humiliate idiots at every opportunity. She also believes in the sanctity of Happy Hour, that martinis should be shaken but not stirred, and that few things in this world can’t be cured by taking a couple of aspirin and keeping away from small children.

What makes her Venomous?

People who ask stupid questions. Like that one.

What are her politics?

Although a card-carrying Republican, some of her best friends are Democrats. As for her views, Venomous Kate is socially moderate, fiscally conservative, and big on defense spending. In other words, card or no card, she’s a small-l libertarian who believes that government has no business legislating peoples’ private lives.

Want to know more?

In addition to this blog, Venomous Kate writes at I Think Therefore I Blog, too.

Want even more?

Then follow VK at Twitter, or find her on Facebook.

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