Amazon’s Tablet Is Real: Presenting the Kindle Fire

by Venomous Kate

I have wanted an iPad since they first came out, but like many people the price tag scares me off. (Okay, I’m also put off by having yet another tie to Apple, since I’m already a slave to my iPhone 4.)

Now Amazon’s entered the tablet market with its full-color, tablet dubbed “Kindle Fire” that works with any public or private wi-fi or hotspot so you don’t have to shell out for some phone company’s service plan! With a proprietary browser called Amazon Silk, the 7-inch touch screen boasts 16 million colors, all the better to enjoy Amazon’s 100,000+ movies and TV shows, millions of books and ever-growing catalog of apps. (Yes, even Angry Birds!) Stream your music from Amazon’s cloud servers or download it for on-the-go listening. Take your favorite PDF, Word or other documents with you. Answer email from the bar around the corner from your office — no one will know! And, of course, you can read your favorite Kindle books, too, which — like video — will be synced to your last-read or -viewed spot via Amazon Whispersync.

I want!

9 Comments to “Amazon’s Tablet Is Real: Presenting the Kindle Fire”

  1. Me too! But I needs me some money first!

  2. I did the previous math problem incorrectly and your blog yelled at me. 🙁

  3. It yells at me all the time, too. Math is NOT my strong suit. But it’s cut my spam levels down from 700+ per day to a manageable 50.

  4. I have the Nook Color and I LOVE IT!

  5. Those Nooks look gorgeous!

  6. hmm I put that on the list for b-day time

  7. that was for your b-day not mine

  8. You’re supposed to send me the link to your Amazon Wish list so I can give YOU a gift this year, after all the years you’ve spoiled me! (I didn’t have any luck finding land for you, darn it.)