Scrabble for the Kindle — I’m Addicted

by Venomous Kate

Tony Curtis will spend eternity with an Armani scarf, a Stetson hat, a copy of Anthony Adverse and… his iPhone. That last one doesn’t sound in the least bit crazy to me. In fact, I think I’ll update my control freak dictates list of funeral requests. I mean, having a phone in your coffin just makes sense in case coroner was wrong!

Something else my loved ones better place in my casket: my Kindle. Actually, I’m not worried about them honoring that wish. They probably won’t be able to pry the thing out of my cold, dead hands in the first place since I will, no doubt, have died playing Scrabble on it.

9 Comments to “Scrabble for the Kindle — I’m Addicted”

  1. I love my kindle too, and scrabble on it. I’m wearing away the letters on the keys.

  2. I love having Kindle on my phone..been re-reading the entire Sherlock Holmes collection. Only part I haven’t figured out for my phone version is the audio reader. I’d love to be able to listen to my books.

  3. @Kimsch – It’s so much easier to play Scrabble the Kindle on a sunny day while waiting for the Big-Eyed Boy to get out of school than to try it on my cell phone.

    @Red, I don’t think it works when using the Kindle app on the phone. Sorry.

  4. I barely find time to read all the books I’ve accumulated on my Kindle. I damn sure don’t need to add a game to it that would slow my reading down even further.

    But you go on and enjoy it, little lady.

  5. @Red, the audio choices on the Kindle are male and female and very robotic and monotone. I set it up for a Beatrix Potter book to show my mom. It reads, then says: illustration, illustration because there are placeholders for illustrations that aren’t on the kindle. Now if the kindle version would come with audiobooks audio….

  6. I think offers actual audiobooks that can be installed on a Kindle. Red’s reading on her phone, though, and the Kindle phone app doesn’t offer even the robot-like voices of the Kindle.

    @Boyd, Thank ya, Sir. I will!

  7. I do like the “read along” aspect of of the combination of print and audio tho.

  8. Yet another scrabble app… on the kindle. Soon may be the kindle will be able to take a call ;p

  9. Thanks for the article – I’ve been looking for an excuse to get a Kindle and I think this is it. I’ve looked at all the different ebook readers and the Kindle seems to beat all the others hands down.