American Idol Kept The Crybaby

by Venomous Kate

Last night’s Hollywood episode of American Idol — which whittled down 200+ contestants to 50 or so, from which the judges will narrow it to 24 — reminded me why I don’t like watching until mid-season.

The real pisser? At the beginning of Day 2 the judges said there would be no second chances… then gave a second chance to Josiah, the 17-year-old kid living in his car. I wasn’t all that impressed with the song he did for his first performance, but then again I didn’t even recognize the tune so I wouldn’t know if he was singing it well.

I’d already had my hate on for him the moment they began airing footage of Josiah crying in the hall, Josiah crying in his chair, Josiah crying backstage. Then came the time he cried because after he’d spent an hour “working out the arrangements for the band” (of professional, experienced musicians, I might add) so they could accompany him on his second song, he got frustrated when they didn’t play the way he wanted them to. So he walked out of the practice session and refused to return, even when the vocal coach asked him to come back.

Cue footage of Josiah crying again, then fast-forward to when Josiah (after drying his tears) took to the stage… and asked the band to leave so he could sing Stand by Me “as he hears it in his head”. As he proceeded to assault everyone’s ears with one of the most horrific, tuneless and appalling renditions of the classic song it struck me that perhaps Josiah needs medications to shut up whatever it is he “hears in his head”.

And… they gave him a second chance anyway. This, despite all three judges agreeing that it was abominable.

But on a positive note: Abstinence Amy is off the show. Can’t say I’m going to miss the vapid blinking of her big blue eyes accompanied by a lip-glossed pout that pretty much advertises Amy won’t be all about abstinence for too much longer. (And why, btw, did she seek the assistance of a “vocal coach” who was a Season 4 reject, much less let that “coach” select her song for them… a song Amy had never even heard and thus proceeded to massacre???)

Oh, and a word to Idol producers: we’ve all pretty much figured out that if you’re doing an in-depth “montage” about a contestant it’s a rather sure bet that person’s getting cut. Knock it off.

17 Responses to “American Idol Kept The Crybaby”

  1. No wonder he left home. His parents probably wanted him to quit crying long enough to find a JOB. I had to miss AI last night. Thanks for the recap.

    Karen’s last blog post..Shopping in Orlando

  2. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t watch crap like that. A long time ago, in a galaxy further away, we had shows on TV like the Ed Sullivan show, where unknown people with a modicum of talent (unlike the American Idols) could get national exposure, and just maybe there was an agent or two watching, and they might even get as far as a Vegas lounge. (The Beatles came to this country by way of the Sullivan show, and Elvis came to major popularity by the same route.)

    Before that there was a radio show, Major Bowes, for amateur talent. Today it looks like we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel.

    And Mr Live-in-his-car would have been a natural for the radio show “Queen for a Day” (except he might not have qualified).

    What really gets my goat (his name’s Hector – does a great job on the lawn) is that there’s a weekend morning show on NPR (wich is otherwise persona non grata around here) highlighting, each and every weekend, talented teenagers coming into classical music – teenagers with more talent in their little fingers (left hand) than these AmerIdols have in their whole bodies (I make an exception for Paul Potts – but that was England). So how many of us have heard of that show, or any of its contestants?

    The fact that AmerIdols are recognized and celebrated completely explains why Obama is so recognized and celebrated.

  3. I didn’t care for Josiah either. He is a little shallow in the talent dept. I might feel differently if I thought the little sot had a teardrop’s chance of making the final twelve but he’s gone and I think Idol may be on its way out as well – it’s just not as interesting as it once was for me…just sayin

    Bryan’s last blog post..More perfectly timed photos

  4. The best part of idol is over! The rejects at the tryouts made it worth watching, just to have something to laugh at!!

    Michele’s last blog post..The Little Red Button

  5. I stand by my last commentary on Idol. I’d rather be duct-taped to a chair and forced to watch endless reruns of Welcome Back Kotter.


    wg’s last blog post..Podling update

  6. He was cut!

    kimsch’s last blog post..No Surrender

  7. He probably learned it from watching Hillary.

  8. I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t watch that show, but sometimes I find myself getting sucked in. Glad I missed all this.

    I’m a great believer in second chances. But if you’re living in your car, you really don’t get to be a diva with the band.

  9. I wasn’t sorry to see him go last night. Nope, not sorry at all.

  10. I love Josaih!! I tried so hard to find that song Josiah was singing on Idol the other night! I found it though! Its called “Grace Kelly” and its written by Mika about how much Simon Cowell sucks! Haha
    You can hear the song right here at Amazon

    awesome right?

  11. Even more awesome now that I’ve fixed that link.

    Want to use your associates ID? Start your own site.

  12. Hey was that the guy who sang “Stand By Me” and asked if he could have the stage for himself – asking the band to leave?

    If he was that dude, he sang that song horribly 🙁

  13. ZZ Mike-Get used to Obama…..he will be our next President! GO OBAMA!!! Get that Bush grand wizard out of office!
    Oh yea, as for American Idol watchers…..enrich your minds people….what are you learning watching Amer. Idol?

  14. WG’s-well said….duct taped to a chair and forced to watch endless reruns of Little House on the Prairie…..HA!

  15. V Kate…I absolutely LOVE your intelligence, quick wit and humor! You are my hero! BIG LOVE IN TX!

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