Note to Howard Stern and VFTW

by Venomous Kate

I hate you.

I hate you with the fury of a thousand liberals suddenly confronted with their own worthlessness.

I hate you with the intensity of an involuntary virgin on her death bed.

I hate you with ferocity of a million dieting women fighting over the last cookie on the face of the earth.

I hate you with the obsessive anger of an adolescent boy rejected by the high school whore.

I hate you with the rabid, vengeful hate of an anorectic supermodel considered “too fat” for Cosmo.

I hate you with the bitter, finger-pointing animosity of the Democratic Party pondering the 2000 election results.

I hate you.

I hate you.


8 Responses to “Note to Howard Stern and VFTW”

  1. Chris did suck last night…but not nearly with the velocity of Sanjaya.

  2. And VFTW is getting 404 errors. The link from the Chicago Sun Times and HS seems to have overloaded their servers.

  3. Great. It couldn’t have happened, say, a month ago?

  4. it needs to last a week longer!

  5. I find it vastly amusing that this much is being made over what is, essentially, a karaoke contest. And, as a member of the news media, I cringe every time my station (an NBC affiliate) pollutes its airwaves PROMOTING A FOX SHOW by talking about Idol.

    I have never seen a single episode of this show. I plan to keep it that way.

  6. They’re keeping him for the Pickler Factor. Ya’ll know that.

  7. Although I didn’t root for Pickler, I didn’t doubt her talent. Judging by Pickler’s first single making it to #9 on Billboard’s country list, and her first video making it to #2 on GAC, I’d say she’s proven she actually deserved to be there. VFTW just liked picking on her because she was, well, a bumpkin.

    Besides, “Pick on Pickler” has such a nice ring.

    Sanjaya, though? I haven’t heard anything to distinguish him from William Hung.

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