I’m Fashionably Late

by Venomous Kate

Yeah, it took a while, but I finally joined FaceBook.

6 Comments to “I’m Fashionably Late”

  1. Heh. I joined a week ago. :p

  2. One thing I’ve learned about FB is to click “ignore” to the dozens of requests to add this or that app. By now, it has become guilt-free. But I do love Wordscraper! (The non-trademark-infringing version of Scrabble. Stupid name, good game.)

  3. I joined a few weeks ago when I found out that’s where my daughters are posting all the cute pics of the grandchildren and making snarky comments all day. No wonder they don’t have time to read my blog.

  4. Third time’s a charm, I hope…

    First time, this didn’t get posted. Second time, it flashed liked it did get posted, then opened a new post from you…sigh…

    I was on Facebook, left because of the new interface.

    Warning: there are some nasty pieces of malware roaming around Facebook (messages from other users can contain them)

  5. I just joined a couple of weeks ago myself. By this time next year the whole world will be on there.

  6. Yeah, I joined a few weeks ago… I’m still trying to figure it out.