I’m So Excited I Might Just Pee

by Venomous Kate

Pssst… I’m getting an iPhone today.


17 Comments to “I’m So Excited I Might Just Pee”

  1. That’s WAY cool. Ivan fell in love with them last year. Honestly, I’ve never seen him go on about a WOMAN the way he goes on about that damn phone! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. My hairstylist has one. She let me play with it the other day while I was in the chair. After about 10 minutes, I knew I was hooked.

    Best yet, the funds for this one are coming from the sale of a piece of VH’s stereo. You know, the one I’ve complained about for years.

    That makes it DOUBLY sweet.

  3. Ah man, I hates you. Actually, I couldn’t use the iPhone because its not hearing aid comaptible, and it uses the AT&T network.

    Seriously, AT&T?? Oy.

    I might see how the Blackberry Storm compares, but the real iPhone killer seems to be the HTC Touch HD, (which doesnt arrive in the US till 2009)

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  4. Love it. I’ve had both of them and the 2nd one addresses all the complaints I had with the first.

    Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. As previously mentioned elsewhere, some days it is FUN being me!

  6. That’s good to know. I’m probably going with the smaller 8 GB one, since I don’t have all THAT much music to transfer. Mostly I’m interested in the touch screen messaging, phone and web access.

    And, okay, the games.

  7. I’m not a hater, nor am I a luddite/technophobe, but I have yet to figure out why those are necessary.

    Maybe it’s because I’m a cheap bastard. I’ll probably get one (and love it) when they’re “Free with Activation.”

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  8. Well, my contract with Verizon is up, and I’d planned to switch to a different cell provider anyway. Since so much of my life requires online access and email abilities, I knew I wanted a phone that would provide both. And, due to my hand problems, I knew I wanted a touch screen.

    From there it was simple to decide. I’m practically inseparable from my iPod but it doesn’t hold all of my music, which is frustrating. My son, meanwhile, has an iPod shuffle but wants a regular one. I figured I’d give mine to him and get a phone that meets all of my needs in one device.

    AT&T is willing to give us a killer deal. Sprint is not.

    Choice made.

  9. Got one in the spring and upgraded a month and a half ago. I will never be without one again. For me, it’s almost essential to stay organized and on top of my busy life. I’d honestly recommend going with the 16GB because once you have it, you will FIND other uses as well.

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  10. I got some really good deals at circuit city they are closing all the stores in Georgia,I gotta nice game card cheap woo hoo

  11. I have to admit, you’re right — I’m already wishing I’d gone with the 16GB.

    Oh, well. I’ll give VH a month or so to “borrow” mine, then when he starts making noises about wanting one I’ll agree on the condition that I get the bigger one and he gets my 8 GB.

  12. It’s probably because I haven’t seen this blog in a while, but the title of this post, in combination with the ‘spewed by Venomous Kate’, had me reflexively backing away from the computer.

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  13. That’s exactly what I did with my old one ๐Ÿ™‚

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  14. Neil, that was hilarious! Welcome back.

  15. I’ll wait until my carrier has them. My friends who own them here love the phone, but AT&T’s coverage here sucks. I mean inhales with terminal velocity.

    But yes, I’m jealous.

  16. My mom uses hearing aids that are Bluetooth capable, and they sync up with her phone just fine.

  17. Only way I would get rid of my iPhone is to upgrade to a newer one.