Isn’t It A Bit Early For This?

by Venomous Kate

They want to impeach him already???

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  1. Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

    wgs last blog post..Well, that was fun.

  2. Unbelievable. Nice to see people who “love” this country so much they would do it much more damage than Obama will ever do (and that’s saying a lot).

    Taris last blog post..More on the Election

  3. Conservatives should not follow the example of idiot leftists and operate out of rage and hate.

    I’m sick of all the hate, even though I hate the Clintons and will probably hate Obama.

    Let’s try to do things that make the world a better place. That would be to smile sweetly and do all we can to keep him from ruining the greatest country in the world. Acting like idiots just destroys credibility and lowers the level of whatever debate there might be.

    lifepundits last blog post..Buying the Poor, Keeping them Poor

  4. I consider it my civic duty to mock both the people who voted for Obama and the people on the right who are now foaming at the mouth trying to “get him” as much as possible. The only cure for fanatacism is ridicule, preferably of the highly public variety.

    wgs last blog post..Well, that was fun.

  5. Where do I sign up???? IMPEACH AFRO-HITLER! BUCK OFAMA!!!!

    Wow, I’m already bored. How did the KosWeenies manage to keep this up for 8 years?

    Lincoln Adamss last blog post..Prayers Gone Unanswered: Why Movements Like “The Call” Fail

  6. Good question Lincoln. I can’t imagine it. Yet, I note that they are aware of what they were doing as they are sending out messages daily that Obama is OUR president, all of us.

    Just like Bush wasn’t “their” president too.

  7. Keep him from ruining it? We’re in an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions; the Bush administration has used the grief of Americans to start at least two wars. What more could he do to this country that Shrub hasn’t already. The mind reels.

    Jonis last blog post..Still Ill

  8. Turnabout is fair play, after all… 😉

    That said, America elected him, and America s going to have to deal with him for the next four years (barring any real instance of criminal acts on his part). American demanded him, and America got him… only something tells me America does not have the foggiest of clues what it got.

    Linoges last blog post..dress me up and call me a fanboy

  9. ‘The mind reels.’

    FWIW- this is often reported as a side effect of too much kool-aid drinking

  10. Just as the far left pushed me right of center in the 90s, the far right has been pushing me further and further left over the course of this campaign.

    Timmers last blog post..Music to confound stereotypes by

  11. Truth be told, I will never accept Barry-O as my President. He subverted the electoral process by accepting illegal donations and perpetrating voter fraud, all while benefiting from a media wholly in the tank for him even as they obscenely and viciously attacked Sarah Palin (and Joe the Plumber) in ways that were utterly unforgivable.

    I may have to live in it, and I am grateful that I can still enjoy the last remaining rights we have, but this country is dead to me.

  12. Hmm. I was hoping for some erudition about the rest of my comment. But I guess all that Kool-Aid has made me over-optimistic. 😀

    Jonis last blog post..Still Ill

  13. Okay-

    First we’re not in an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions. We are paying the piper for some very bad policy choices that go back quite a few years and have more Democratic fingerprints on them than Republican- but don’t let that become a sticking point- there’s enough blame to go around.

    Second- even most liberal Democrats will pay lip service to supporting the war in Afghanistan. While the attack on 911 might have in other administrations warranted a pointed finger and a cruise missile attack on an aspirin factory- even liberals are forced to claim to believe in the war in Afghanistan.

    We tried singing Kum Bay Ya after the 93 world trade center bombing, the embassy bombings in Africa, the attack on the USS Cole (by any definition an act of war). It got us 911.

    It wasn’t a ‘use of American’s grief’ it was a measured response to a systematic series of ongoing attacks against our citizens and nation that started the war in Afghanistan.

    I know it’s hard to trust liberal-speak since it tends to be so Machiavellian- but all but the most deranged of left wing elected officials continue to this day to argue that ‘we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq SO WE COULD HAVE BETTER PROSECUTED THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN’

    You don’t like the war in Iraq- you think Bush lied to get us there- fine. But to dismiss as a cavalier manipulation of grief the reason to go there is- and let me be erudite as per your request- trite and unworthy of serious response.

    To ask the question- what more can he do that Bush hasn’t already done is to beg the response- ‘Wait and see- I think that’s what most Americans are doing- not with bated breath that he’ll fail, but not with Pollyanna-ish trust in the probable intentions of a man who assumed the highest elected office in the land without the background check needed to board a commercial airliner.

    To ask the question – ‘What more can he do that Shrub hasn’t already done? The mind reels.’ is to beg the response- You’ve been drinking too much kool aid.

    Now- you’ve gotten the response your first post begged for and the erudition your sophomoronic (I just made a new word) initial post failed to deserve.

    As far as the over optimism that you suffer from- you’re right- it comes from drinking the kool aid- combined with either a lack of real world experience or a refusal to learn from it- as long as it’s not the latter- there’s still hope for you.

    Hope this helps

  14. We don’t “think” the Bush Administration lied –
    They DID LIE!!!

    The rabid defense of this corrupt, incompetent and criminal adminstration and the total denial of ACTUAL FACTS is incomprehensible.

    In 2 months we will have a Commander In Chief who can speak in full complex sentences, employ critical thinking, posesses an understanding of law and the constitution and honor the responsiblity of the office of President -something we haven’t seen in the last 8 years.

  15. Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? America lost the concept of rallying behind its leader long ago. Any President, no matter which side of the fence, is gonna have to put up with this partisan vitriol. Those groups would already have formed if McCain made it.

    Let’s face it, we live in an age where any government is going to ape an all providing mother that knows best for its centrist constituency. Government growth, more programs, more everything is what we get because it’s what we said we wanted. Your representative’s success is measured by how much he/she brings back home. Goody.

    Milquetoast, populist, centrism. It’s bland and it’s what’s for dinner. This country needs an enema.

    Jeffs last blog post..When Ya Gotta Go

  16. You said-We don’t “think” the Bush Administration lied –
    They DID LIE!!!

    I say- Out of everything I wrote- there is only one word that you can directly challenge- ‘think’

    Let’s say Bush did lie. And I’m not- I really think Bush’ biggest problem was he never made his case to the American people- But even if he did lie- do you honestly believe he is the first American President to lie? Give me a break-

    You said- The rabid defense of this corrupt, incompetent and criminal adminstration and the total denial of ACTUAL FACTS is incomprehensible.

    I say- Show me where I’m defending Bush? Anywhere in my comment! Please!

    I understand exactly how you feel though- the rabid defense of a man the public knows so little about and who has seemingly intentionally left no paper trail to remain an enigma- well I find it incomprehensible as well

    If I had actually been defending bush- I believe my argument could have been summed up by saying Pot- Kettle

    Since I wasn’t I believe my argument on this point could easily be summed up as Pot-Mirror

    You said- In 2 months we will have a Commander In Chief who can speak in full complex sentences, employ critical thinking, posesses an understanding of law and the constitution and honor the responsiblity of the office of President -something we haven’t seen in the last 8 years.

    I say- You are completely right in the assertion that we are about to have a completely different administration and type of administration. Bush’s failures- and they are many- may in fact be due to incompetence- who knows. But to assert an understanding of the constitution of all things onto Obama- well it just makes me smile.

    Enjoy the ride- there’s nothing quite as awe inducing as a drop from the dizzying heights of idol worship to the hardpan of reality.

    I certainly hope Obama employs critical thinking skills as you promise- the left has needed someone who’s willing and able to do that for a long time. Your emotional rant would tend to disqualify you for that position.

    Will Wallaces last blog post..The Tower People

  17. The economy did not reach its current state simply as a result of the last 8 years. As I’ve written elsewhere, the roots lie in the early 1990s when Fannie Mae was encouraged by the Feds to lower the credit requirements for new home buyers as a way to assist minorities in their efforts to become homeowners.

    Those policies, while having laudable goals, remained in effect with the result that others lacking suitable credit were able to take advantage of them in their pursuit of McMansions which, after their other consumerism-based purchases, they couldn’t afford.

    They began defaulting, banks began feeling the pinch, other customers had to subsidize the losses through higher interest rates which meant more money out of their pockets toward debt that left less for their own consumer purchases. Corporations began feeling that pinch, and the result was a downward financial spiral that has and will continue to feed on itself.

    To blame Bush for causing this is, IMVO, not fair. I would agree, however, that his administration should have been more proactive in its efforts to address the problem.

    Oh, wait. They were: those “stimulus checks” the administration’s sent out twice now were designed to nip the problem in the bud. The Dems’ answer, meanwhile, has been to send money to the banks via a bailout.

    As we’ve since discovered, THAT didn’t do any good: banks kept the money but continued to deny credit to consumers, which means the average person will still be screwed even as s/he funds the bailouts via their taxes.

    As for parlaying the grief of Americans into two wars, would you rather we’d just asked the terrorists nicely to stop attacking us without doing anything else? Why, that would make us… um, French.

  18. I would rather we pick our battles based on….factual intelligence – and then – with the entire world behind us, as they were in 2001 – with the fury of all our might, go after those who truly did attack us.

    Bush did make a convincing case to America – but it was a deliberatly false case. Or as I prefer to call it: Dammed Deliberate Calculated Lies.

    At this stage, giving Bush & Co one iota of benefit of the doubt ( as in ” Lets say bush lied….” ) IS defending them. How many sources do you need to accept the facts as they are ? There is nothing emotional or subjective in the link I provided earlier.

    I do not for one minute believe Presidents don’t lie – of course they do – but all lies are not created equal. Lying us into a war is an abuse of power and trust this country has never seen and I pray never will again.

    To ignore and dismiss those facts is exactly what it means to Drink the Kool Aid.

    Obama taught constitutional law for 12 years so yeah, I do trust he has an understanding of his responsiblity to uphold it.

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