Why The GOP Will Swell in 10 Years

by Venomous Kate

Thanks, Obama, for making a new generation of Republicans.

6 Comments to “Why The GOP Will Swell in 10 Years”

  1. LOL. Funny how now that I have kids, I’m not so opposed to things like year round schools. 😉

  2. Why do u say that? Bush was the one who gave us a Democratic president.

  3. OH! I found the story. LOL! I wrote a letter to the president at the time when I was a kid and they had just started talking about this. I still don’t think if they can’t get it in the months they are ALREADY in school, going more isn’t going to solve the problem. It’s the QUALITY of the education they are getting. Not the quantity. But then that’s been the main problem in our whole national social policy. It happens when Merchants are making social policy.

  4. It’s amazing, what you can learn if you read the article she linked to. 🙂

  5. See…here I think you are wrong. When any kids who are affected by the longer school year get to a voting age, they will want to make sure the ones coming after them suffer the same as they did. They won’t want to “fix” anything 🙂

  6. Haha, the face on my oldest when he read that – all the good things he thought he heard about the man has been forgotten