If You Could Read My Mind, Love*

by Venomous Kate

What a tale my thoughts would tell… oh, wait. You don’t have to wonder. Now you can read the new incarnation of Queen of Snark (me, uncensored… unfiltered… unkind) where I tell ALL as well as tell off every idiot who’s ever annoyed me.

But be warned: you just might think that blog entry’s about you, and, chances are you’d be right.

*Apologies to my beloved Gordon Lightfoot.

8 Comments to “If You Could Read My Mind, Love*”

  1. http://fuckyoupenguin.blogspot.com

    Just thought I’d share, since we’re being all open, honest, and snarky. 🙂

  2. wait, you kiss your kids with that mouth?

  3. Who, me, or your mother?

  4. I was expecting more snark. Then again, you have a few blogs and only so much time. I RSSed the site, though. Look forward to some major snark. (Oh, and please DO throw in some celebrity snark now and then. Include Angelina Jolie just once and it will make my day. For a year.)

  5. it’s great! all hail the Queen.

  6. I’m pretty sure she meant me AFTER she read QOS.

    Seriously, I should never have taught her to read.

  7. Miss Kate! Congrats on the new blog it’s looks sexy, or as someone I once knew would say, shexxy! It boggles my mind though. I know you are a prodigous writer, but how do you keep your head straight writing on five venues? Or does the writing on five venues keep your head straight?

  8. Five venues gives most of my personalities a chance to come out and play during the week.

    And thanks for the congrats. I think it’s a shexxy theme, too!