Petrol Punditry

by Venomous Kate

My article about “The High (Gas) Price of Feeling Good” is up at Pajamas Media.

7 Comments to “Petrol Punditry”

  1. Wow you touched a nerve over there.

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  2. I noticed that. Amazing how people love to bitch about something then, when anyone suggests possible solutions, love to bitch about how none of those will work.

  3. I was more interested in the rampant assumptions being made:

    Closer to work means urban living.

    Schools outside a city are better than inside. Apparently few people have been to extremely rural areas.

    Ideas like that are from coastal dwellers.

    Drilling and refining will happen fast enough to make a difference in the short term.

    Interesting reading.

    jaes last blog post..Weigh-in Wednesday: The “As if” Edition

  4. My guess is that people aren’t fed up enough or hurt enough to give a damn past whining about the problem. Our society needs energy. It takes resources to acquire the energy. Our government has effectively put roadblocks in place to make expanding the energy resource base nearly impossible (cost prohibitive, drilling and building bans, etc.). Further, the regulations put in place to make things better wind up back firing. Witness ethanol. Crappier gas mileage, rising food prices… BLAH!

    The revulsion will happen, but it will likely be a gallon costing somewhere near $8 for it to take place. Unfortunately (or fortunately), that is probably only a year off.

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  5. Indeed. Ultimately, it all comes down to: “But I’m comfortable!”

  6. It also takes the ability to recognize that Conservative (with a capital C) has, in every issue besides oil, meant self-reliant. Unfortunately, when it comes to oil, another c-word gets involved: comfort. We believe we’re entitled to it — we stupidly think that’s synonymous with “the pursuit of happiness” as one commenter at PM did (oooh, another c-word) — and therein lies our problem.

  7. Complacency. Especially in the US. The common man has abdicated his self-reliance to a care-taking nanny state government that neither understands the problems, nor has an ability to do anything about them. Appeasement is not the same as prioritizing. We, as a people, must figure out what is most important to us, address that, and then move down the list. We cannot be all things to everyone and somebody’s ox is going to get gored. Tough shit.

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