Ready? Set? Burn! (And Google-bait defined)

by Venomous Kate

As you may recall, my favorite boy toy Kevin (no offense, Trey) was gracious enough to cover my damn-near-perfect ass by guest blogging for me during my hiatus (while said damn-near-perfect ass recovered from a mighty blow to the tailbone … and, yes, I’m Google-baiting*, what about it?)

Anyway, were it not for Kevin’s generosity with his time and thoughts, he would never have gotten away with saying that I only now found a Bonfire-worthy post. After 3,742 of these suckers in 9 months, I assure you that I have an abundance of posts worthy to be thrown upon a pyre and burned to oblivion. Oh, and I don’t like German tourists, either. (Kelley can tell you about that.)

All of which goes to say: go roast your buns at this week’s Bonfire of the Vanities.

*Being the linky kinda gal I am, I went in search of a definition of Google-bait using the accepted format of define:Google-bait (along with alternative spellings). Much to my surprise, there wasn’t one even though the cool kids all know what it means. So, being the kind of Google-baiting gal I am (when I’m not being a linky kinda gal), I thought I’d propose the following:

Definition (or define) Google-bait (alt. Google bait) - (1) [adj.] Use of irrelevant words and/or phrases in text featured on a website at which robots, particularly those belonging to Google&tm; are invited to crawl. (2) [n.] Crap inserted on a robot-friendly web site for the sole purpose of attracting increased hits and/or for the purpose of increasing one's ranking in search results involving said crap. (3) [verb] The act of inserting said crap.

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