Why Try BlogRush?

by Venomous Kate

Bloggers love traffic. I’m firmly convinced that bloggers who claim not to care about hits would change their mind the first time they got a taste of 5,000+ people swarming their site in the span of 2 hours. That happened here yesterday and let me just tell you it feels good.

Unfortunately, that kind of traffic doesn’t come along too often. When it does, it comes without warning: an A-list blogger decides to link you and WHAM! your hit counter is spinning faster than a drunken sorority girl looking for a place to puke.

Sure, you could definitely help your own traffic statistics by, say, writing regularly instead of waiting for inspiration to strike and leaving comments at other blogs rather than just lurking. But, golly, that takes a lot of effort doesn’t it?

And you like things easy, don’t you?

In that case, BlogRush is for you. Think of BlogRush as the easiest way to earn web-wide syndication of your blog entries by writing entries that attract traffic from other sites running the widget.

Sure, there’s a video explaining how it all works — if you really want to know the details — but the gist of it is this: put the widget up and you’ll start drawing more traffic. At least, that’s the theory.

I’m trying it out myself for a few days. Whether I keep it will depend, of course, on whether it brings me any traffic, or whether it just acts to siphon off EV readers to blogs not on my blogroll.

7 Responses to “Why Try BlogRush?”

  1. Ah, yes, the power of the Instalanche. Got my first last week and I am still tingly. Blogging for four years, and then to have your hit count double in two days.

    Pardon me, I’m feeling a little light headed again.

  2. They are nice, aren’t they? It had been a while since I enjoyed one.

  3. You know, I am not excited about this BlogRush deal. I installed the widget on Monday afternoon. I have waited 48 hours to see if my traffic increased even ever so slightly.
    I received one hit from the BlogRush Administrator. That’s it.

    I think I’m going to leave it until next Monday, just so I can give it a week, but I am not impressed.

    Now this is a question I have left all over town and no one has answered it. Do I actually have to write a post that has the word BlogRush in it on my site? I have not done that. If that’s part of the deal, I think that’s underhanded and false advertising. They are giving the impression that all you have to do is install the widget after you register. Instant traffic.

    That is exactly what I have done and nothing. Do you mind revealing how many hits you have received?

  4. Well, we’ll see. I signed up and will give it a few days. I’m usually skeptical about things that promise something like this, but what’s the harm?…for now any way.

  5. Cardiogirl, you don’t have to write about them. I simply did so because I thought some Venomites might be interested in trying it out.

  6. I tried it out and haven’t seen any difference. I think the categories are too broad.

  7. It’s a pitty Blogrush doesn’t support non-english blogs. Otherwise I would have joinded a while ago…

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