Amazon Announces A Kindle Lending Library!

by Venomous Kate

Since VH and I have drastically different tastes in reading material (his sucks), keeping our Kindles stocked with new titles has been pretty pricey. Not anymore! Amazon has opened a Kindle lending library for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Prime, if you aren’t already aware, is an $79 all-you-can-eat free 2-day shipping plan from Amazon. But you don’t just get free shipping with it — though in our house, the price of the membership is worth that alone. You also get free access to over 100,000 instant videos, so if you’re as ticked off at Netflix as we are, you can make the switch painlessly.

And did I mention the free Kindle Lending Library with thousands of books, including over 100 NY Times bestsellers like The Hunger Games???

UPDATE: To borrow books from the lending library, you MUST get them via your Kindle. Even though Amazon’s price page will tell you that it’s a free library book, you WILL be charged. (We learned this the hard way.) To borrow a book, turn on your wireless connection, go to the Kindle store and click “See All Categories”. You’ll see a link to the Kindle Owners Lending Library, and from there you can browse the thousands of titles available. Also note: there is a 1-book per calendar month limit.

4 Comments to “Amazon Announces A Kindle Lending Library!”

  1. I dont keep up with this stuff ,is the tablet the same thing as the kindle

  2. No, the Kindle is their eReader. It’s only for reading books, really. Their tablet, the Kindle Fire, lets you read books but also watch videos or movies, browse the internet, play games, etc. (Really, it’s their version of an iPad but at a price that doesn’t cause eyeballs to explode.)

  3. Ill send you one b-day time

  4. No, no, no you better not! Those things are wayyyyy to expensive!