Kim Harrison’s “A Perfect Blood” Is Bloody Good Fun!

by Venomous Kate

Long time fans of Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series — and I’m certainly one of them! — have much to rejoice about in her latest, A Perfect Blood. Harrison’s ability to craft an engrossing, multi-layered plot just keeps getting stronger. As for the characters we’ve all come to know and love, they’re all here:

  • Our strong, yet vulnerable heroine, Rachel Morgan, who continues to grapple with the knowledge that she’s the demon’s only hope to save their species.
  • Rachel’s roommate and best friend, Ivy, a sexy vampire who is literally a femme fatale.
  • Jenks, the chivalrous and defiant Pixy who is the third member of the Vampiric Charms detective agency with Rachel and Ivy.
  • Algaliarept, otherwise known as Al, the demon who’s been both Rachel’s mentor and tormentor for years.
  • Glenn, the human FIB detective who’s been in Rachel’s corner for years and now, much to Rachel’s surprise, is also in Ivy’s bed.
  • The loveable yet awkward Bis, a teenage gargoyle who’s moved into the tower in the church where Rachel, Ivy and Jenks live.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Trent Kalamack, the capitalist/politician Elf whose complicated relationship with Rachel has kept the sparks flying throughout the series.

When we last saw Rachel, she’d surrendered her ability to practice ley line magic out of fear that an angry Al would trap her in the Everafter where, due to her demonic genetics, she could single-handedly (womb-edly?) save the demons as the only one capable of giving birth to more of them. But a witch without her magic is vulnerable in ways even Morgan couldn’t imagine, though she quickly discovers just how great of a danger she’s placed herself as she’s hired to investigate murders committed by HAPA (Humans Against Paranormals Association), a militant human group bent on destroying all the magical species.

But practicing ley line magic isn’t the only thing Morgan’s isolated from. Jenks continues to recover from the loss of his wife, thanks in part to the attentions of a fairy warrior named Belle, while Ivy continues to solidify her romance with Glenn. Even Bis has someone to keep him company in the form of Wayde, a werewolf hired by Rachel’s step-father to act as her bodyguard. With her friends moving on with their own lives, and maturing in ways that she has rejected out of fear of getting hurt again, Rachel is forced to confront how her emotional shields have not only isolated her from finding love but, thanks to HAPA, might very well lead to her own destruction.

[Read more of my review at where you can pre-order your copy of Kim Harrison’s A Perfect Blood (The Hollows, Book 10) to lock in Amazon’s low price guarantee before it’s release date on February 21, 2012.]

Sadly, here’s something Kim Harrison told me on her Facebook page when I mentioned how excited I was to receive my advance copy of A Perfect Blood: “I hope you like it, Kate!!!! I’m starting to set up the last book…” As someone who pretty much drops everything to read Harrison’s books as soon as I get my grubby hands on them, I have to say those were the very first words of her that I didn’t like. Then again, I’m fairly certain I’m going to enjoy whatever project she pens next. I just hope it’s soon!


3 Comments to “Kim Harrison’s “A Perfect Blood” Is Bloody Good Fun!”

  1. I felt much the same, when finding out there was to be only one more book in Simon Green’s Nightside series (John Taylor et all). And it appears there are only 3 or 4 left in the Harry Dresdin Series by Jim Butcher as well. In both cases the authors have grown in their ablity to skillfully allowing the reader to suspend belief along with developing there main (and some secondary) characters in a believable fashion.

    Guess I will have to drown my sorrows in starting the Anita Blake series from scratch.

  2. Oh, Guy, let me save you some time and tell you how Anita Blake’s books go (ALL of them): “I’m a tough chick, fighting tough guys. Whoops! Now we’re having an orgy. Okay, back to talking about how tough I am and … whoops, another orgy! Wait, stop, let me interrupt this orgy to have an orgy on the side. Okay, we now resume the previously scheduled orgy.”

    Seriously. It’s like she decided, after the second book, to not even pretend at having a plot at all. Gah.

  3. Btw, thanks for bringing up Simon Green. I haven’t read the Nightside series, but am not busily downloading them to my Kindle! As for Dresden, I think you’re right. Hope Butcher has another series (not sci-fi) up his sleeve because I really like his stuff!