Carnival of Snark #26 – It’s about the stupid: politics!

by Venomous Kate

Welcome to the Politically Obvious edition of the Carnival of Snark, where it’s all about stupid politics.

Stupid Politics

Weighing in on the political right, we’ve got Madcap with The Liberal Party And The Two Minutes Hate.

Meanwhile, punching for the political left, we’ve got Madeleine Begun Kane discussing Bellicose Bush.

Rounding up everyone else’s riffs on the State of the Union, Divided We Stand United We Fall presents State of the Union – Comedy Tonight!.

As for the State of the Union itself, Rey Thomas says Bush State of the Union Address Gets “A” for Style, “C” for Substance. [Hmmm. Must be grading on a curve.]

Other Stupidity

From Wenchypoo we’ve got “Food politics,” with Food for the Grist Mill.

Food’s been on Craig Harper’s mind, too, after a recent trip to the grocery store opened his eyes to how we are Rewarding Our Children… with Obesity.

Then, too, there’s the politics of land use: Sean J. Vaughan dissects The Promised Land.

Linoge demonstrates that politics can go where no man has gone before in Jim’s dead, Doc.

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