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June 5th, 2006

Letter of the Day: I

by Venomous Kate

After spending a nearly stressfree week (well, except for a couple of hairy seconds while my son and I played Ratchet & Clank), it’s time to get back to the Letter of the Day. This time it’s all about me… er, I… that is, the letter I… or is it “I”?

Whatever, here it is.

I is for insult and injury. Ufta.

I is for I…well, not me, but the infamous “I”.

I is for icky immortalization.

I is for immaculate conception… on stage.

I is for internet involvement in illegal immigration.

I is for incredibily inane idiocy. (What a pity there aren’t any cuss words that start with “i”.)

It’s over. Itching to imitate? It’s impossible to do it improperly. I invite you to invent your own list of items and include a link here to insure your inclusion tomorrow.

May 24th, 2006

Letter of the Day: H

by Venomous Kate

H is for housing prices.

H is for honoring heroes.

H is for hard-headed and home again.

H is for Hillary…he-man?

H is for heh.

H is for Hanks’ hairline.

H is for homeschooling reason #1,045,243.

H is for haircuts. Who knew a man could wax so poetically over his?

Hop on the H-thing by hieing back to your hootch and hammering out (however hastily) yours. Have a heart and hand a link here to be included in the next one.

May 22nd, 2006

Letter of the Day: G

by Venomous Kate

G is for getting older.

G is for good to go… almost.

G is for gouging governments.

G is for Generals on Generals.

G is for guest bloggers wanted.

G is for gullibility gets us killed.

G is for gun turn-in?

G is for gotta get a guillotine.

G is for garage sale!

G is for a good one on grilling!

Go on, get linking!

May 19th, 2006

Letter of the Day: F

by Venomous Kate

F is for funnies.

F is for freebies.

F is for Officer Friendly? Not in Baltimore, bub.

F is for finding Jimmy Hoffa.

F is for frustrated conservatives.

F is for fences. Big, freaking fences.

F is for Family Guy.

F is for felines.

F is for Founders.

F is for forcing faith-based fashion in Iran.

F is for fuzzy math.

F is for my friend’s frenzied fecundity.

And, of course:

F is for finished. Now it’s your turn to play.

May 17th, 2006

Letter of the Day: E

by Venomous Kate

If you’re wondering why the “Letter of the Day” isn’t, well, daily, let’s just say these things are a bit harder than they look. But changing the name of the meme isn’t really an option. I mean, who’d want to play the “Letter of the Every-Day-Or-So-Depending-On-Time-And-Temperment”, huh?

So, meanwhile:

E is for Elliot!

E is for “escalating caps”?

E is for exact extrapolation.

E is for evil, evil spammers.

E is for expenses extorted by “experts”.

E is for eager commenters?

E is for ennui.

E is for enough already, Blaine!

E is for expected to be expecting?!

E is for excuses, excuses.

Now, an explanation for those who’ve emailed for extra education on etering this sporadic little linkfest: it’s easy: edit one of your entries to ensure it links here (and especially that it emits a ping to EV) and you’ll earn your explicit inclusion in tomorrow’s extravaganza.

May 11th, 2006

The Letter of the Day: C

by Venomous Kate

C is for crabby.

C is for crunchy critters.

C is for crystal meth creeps past coke use worldwide.

C is for chili-infused clothing material: the Chinese snack choice?

C is for Christianist or creep?

C is for conservatives are craving a choice.

C is for Carson’s cohort on a bottle of vodka?

C is for Caption Contest!

C is for cringing that Chris was cast off.

C is for coveting a carefully composed cover that was created by cash: the lucre that turns other people’s time into yours.

C is for cooperation in composing the world’s first Open-Source Legal Motion!

C is for catty commentary on cosmetic surgery.

Care to play? Link this entry from a post on your site — and be sure to send a ping! — to linked from tomorrow’s LOTD.

May 10th, 2006

Letter of the Day: B

by Venomous Kate

Continuing on with our little tour of the alphabet, today’s letter is B. If you want to get in on tomorrow’s linkfest, simply write a post linking this one — and be sure to send a trackback. That’s it! (Now, can you guess what tomorrow’s letter will be? I knew you could.)

So, let’s see what bellicose, brilliant, braggart, ballsy or otherwise boisterous things the blogosphere’s blogged of late:

B is for busy, beer and Big Guy, all three of which seem to work quite well together.

B is for beautiful, bellowing babies and brave, benevolent moms.

B is for borders: as in, ours.

B is for BAM! (which, after reading Ilyka, I’ve begun to think really stands for Brilliant advertising maneuver!)

B is for boobage busting out… but not the kind you’re expecting.

B is for boy oh boy!

B is for beware the nanny state.

And, sadly, B is for big brothers. David’s passed away yesterday, so be sure to stop by and offer your condolences.

May 9th, 2006

LOTD: Return of the Meme

by Venomous Kate

After a 2-year hiatus, the Letter of the Day returns! If you haven’t been reading EV that long, or have forgotten how to play, don’t worry. The rules are quite simple: link this entry from your blog today with a post that incorporates the Letter of the Day, and in return you’ll get linked back on the next LOTD. See, I told you it was simple.

As the saying goes, the best place is to start at the beginning. So today’s letter is: A.

A is for album love.

A is for alerting the blogosphere to the latest financial scam.

A is for Arenze the autocrat.

A is for awful atrocities alleviate angst over assault.

A is for altruistic anorexia?

A is for approval ratings that don’t add up.