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June 5th, 2006

Letter of the Day: I

by Venomous Kate

After spending a nearly stressfree week (well, except for a couple of hairy seconds while my son and I played Ratchet & Clank), it’s time to get back to the Letter of the Day. This time it’s all about me… er, I… that is, the letter I… or is it “I”?

Whatever, here it is.

I is for insult and injury. Ufta.

I is for I…well, not me, but the infamous “I”.

I is for icky immortalization.

I is for immaculate conception… on stage.

I is for internet involvement in illegal immigration.

I is for incredibily inane idiocy. (What a pity there aren’t any cuss words that start with “i”.)

It’s over. Itching to imitate? It’s impossible to do it improperly. I invite you to invent your own list of items and include a link here to insure your inclusion tomorrow.

May 24th, 2006

Letter of the Day: H

by Venomous Kate

H is for housing prices.

H is for honoring heroes.

H is for hard-headed and home again.

H is for Hillary…he-man?

H is for heh.

H is for Hanks’ hairline.

H is for homeschooling reason #1,045,243.

H is for haircuts. Who knew a man could wax so poetically over his?

Hop on the H-thing by hieing back to your hootch and hammering out (however hastily) yours. Have a heart and hand a link here to be included in the next one.