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July 15th, 2011

Help Me, I’m Melting!

by Venomous Kate

Hot enough for you? Let’s get something straight up front: unless you live in one of the pink areas on this photo — as I do — I do not want to hear you whine about how hot it is. You don’t know heat. You might be sweating, your A/C might be running frequently, and maybe you have to water your plants more than once a day. But you aren’t hot. Your pits might be sweaty, your hair might have wilted, and your forehead may feel like an oil slick, but it’s just your mind playing tricks on you; if you aren’t in the pink zone, it’s NOT hot where you are.

It is, here. So hot that our A/C is constantly running, and I’m wondering what possessions we’ll have to sell to afford this month’s electric bill. So hot that I’ve learned how to drive with two fingers, having made the mistake of firmly grasping the steering wheel while pulling out of the grocery store’s parking lot, only to suffer blisters on both palms. (Try explaining that when you’re female!) So hot that, while pulling beets in my garden today, I was mildly surprised that they weren’t fully cooked. Sweaty pits, wilting hair, a slick forehead? Check, check, and check. Also, I’m chafing in the most painful of places. And have I mentioned the swarms of mosquitoes due to our local flooding?

Yeah, I’m a bit grumpy these days, and I’ve been sparing you the blunt of that wrath. I haven’t been this grumpy since, oh, August 13, 2010 when I’d hardly slept the previous night thanks to these asshats staging a prisoner uprising at Ft. Leavenworth, which prompted all of the prison sirens in our town to go off all freaking night long. (Note to Washington, D.C.: Now, imagine the carnage that would’ve occurred in the prison had the inmates been the Gitmo detainees you’ve talked about transferring here.)

Meanwhile, here’s some random synaptic firings for you:

  • I wish I had a job so I could quit it like this!
  • “Batgina mobile”? Only a guy would think this would attract girls.
  • Yeah, the ol’ “Republicans want to cut your Medicare” tactic really is getting old.
  • No more paper Treasury Bonds? Imagine all of the grandparents who must now give their grandkids birthday presents they can actually use before they turn 18!
  • Dear L.A.: Your “carmageddon” only lasts one weekend. Stay home and STFU already, you pantywaists!
  • Penis mutilation (with or without garbage disposal) isn’t as uncommon as you’d think hope, and if this heat keeps up I predict they’ll just get more common.
  • (Wholly unrelated): A study claims that men want more cuddling, while women want more sex. I asked VH about this. His response: actually, we’re just saying that because we know it’ll turn into sex.

Last, but certainly not least (in my mind at any rate): as of today, there are only 33 more days until school starts!!!!!

August 19th, 2010

This Woman Makes Me Puke

by Venomous Kate

Some days I think I should just completely stop listening to the news. Some days, like today, it’s just too hard to breathe after hearing certain news stories, too hard to live with the burden of knowing about tragedies it would have been so easy to go without ever knowing about.

Tragedies like this story about a 6-year-old Down’s Syndrome boy found living in the attic of his home where his mother apparently dumped him and did her best to forget he was there.

Deputies said they were called to the 8200 block of Center Drive around 5 p.m. Wednesday by a relative to conduct a welfare check on the 6-year-old. Deputies said they checked the home and talked to the mother, Rachel L. Perez, who claimed the boy was not at home. After running her name through their database, deputies arrested Perez.

At 11 p.m. Wednesday, deputies went back to the home at the request of a relative and found the boy in the attic of the home. Deputies described the boy as very fragile and malnourished and said the boy was extremely thin. The boy’s skeletal structure could easily be seen due to his level of malnourishment.

The mother, of course, has been arrested. She’s going to be arraigned this afternoon. The little boy is at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. There’s no word, at this point, about whether he’ll be placed with relatives or will begin what’s certain to be a scary and sad journey through the foster care system. Did I mention the woman has two little girls and is currently pregnant with another? Those kids are victims now, too.

This story so upset me that I’ve been throwing up all morning.

There was a time when The Big-Eyed Boy was little and I would’ve given anything to give him a little brother, when the thought of twice as much noise, twice as much mess, twice as many hugs to enjoy was everything I wanted. It wasn’t in the cards for us, though, and I guess things turned out exactly as they should be.

But I sure hope there’s a woman with a big heart and a happy, bright, wide-open home waiting to love this little boy who’s been caged in an attic, who has only known “home” as a place of terror and fear. I hope they find each other, and that she gives him every hug he should’ve been receiving all these years… and then some.

And I hope his biological mother finds herself someday soon in a small, dark, miserably hot place where no one listens to her screams, just like she must’ve ignored her son’s. A prison cell. Hell. I don’t care. I just hope she suffers for a very, VERY long time.