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November 11th, 2008

Why I’m Ditching CommentLuv

by Venomous Kate

Back when I first installed it, CommentLuv — the plug-in that fetches and appends the title of a commenter’s last blog entry to any comment they leave here — the thing was accurate, helpful and non-intrusive. With the latest “upgrades”, it’s now anything but.

Some of you, in fact, may have noticed that CommentLuv has taken to appending outdated entry titles to your comments. That is because the makers of CommentLuv decided that if you want accuracy you have to register at their site. Personally, I’m not a fan of having to register in order to use something billed as “free”, so I haven’t bothered.

If you do register, however, you then have the option of picking which recent entry title you’d like to post. Again, what was once helpful is now bloated and adds to the increasingly numerous steps involved in posting comments on blogs (entering data in the fields, typing the comment, answering the captcha if there is one, scrolling down the CommentLuv entry options… blech).

Most of all, the plug-in has become a downright eyesore that sneakily inserts links back to the plug-in homepage. Yes, I realize this is ostensibly configurable — you can go to Settings -> CommentLuv and opt to display nothing next to the latest entry title.

All that does is eliminate the gaudy button CommentLuv now tries to slip in by default. What you get, instead, is a stupid little red heart with a pop-up that shows whether a commenter has a CommentLuv profile or not. And since I hate both stupid little red hearts and pop-ups, it pisses me off.

So, goodbye, CommentLuv. You’re relegated to the dustbin around here as being just another plug-in that got too big for its britches. Somehow, I don’t think you’ll be missed.

October 14th, 2008

Asides Are Back!

by Venomous Kate

Long-time Venomites will remember how I used to run “Asides” — very brief one- and two-liners between posts — until around a year ago. I loved the flexibility the Asides provided; sometimes I find something I want to share but don’t want to bother with a full entry. Their disappearance was due to WordPress changing its code, along with the fact that I was too lazy to figure out how to fix it.

Those who remember Asides around here will also recall that, after I stopped doing them, my blogging frequency dramatically declined. They’re back now, and I couldn’t be happier. Feel free to comment on them. You’ll find them easily: just look for the “Asides” graphic.