Britney Wants You To Hurt Her

by Venomous Kate

Britney Spears does not merely need help to stop being a skanky ho. Now she also needs help naming her next album. Because, you know, all that booze and drugs she shared with Paris Hilton have rotted whatever brain cells she originally had.

Since I have a few spare moments — and a few brain cells which have escaped destruction — I thought I’d give Britney a few suggestions of my own:

1. My Life Is A Joke
2. Skanky Is As Skanky Does
3. Who, Me? Irrelevant?
4. Buy This At Your Own Risk
5. I Promise I Won’t Breed Again
6. U Can Lipsynch 2
7. So This Is What Crazy Feels Like
8. Stop Me Before I Record Again
9. This CD Doubles As A Drink Coaster
10. I Did Paris. I Did Dance. I Now Wear My Underpants.

Can you help the Pop Tart out with suggestions of your own?

UPDATE: Michele (of the one L), now blogging at A Big Victory, has more.

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7 Responses to “Britney Wants You To Hurt Her”

  1. I’m going to have to suggest:

    No Chance

    Desperate Pleas For Attention

  2. Oops! I did it again (rehab mix)

  3. LOL, this was a great post. Loved 10 as well as Terry’s in comments.

  4. Those are almost worth the $25 fan club fee you have to pay to suggest the titles. She may be drunk, high, and crazy — but she’s not totally stupid.


  5. It costs a fortune to support a coke habit, you know.

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