Charlie Sheen’s New Intern?

by Venomous Kate

Yep, it could be me! I’ve made it to Round Two of the Vatican Assassin Warlock’s intern search. (So has a porn star, but I believe in Winning! without sucking.)

Unfortunately, most of you Facebook-loving bastards won’t click thru and comment here. Otherwise I’d ask you to leave a comment explaining to Sheen why his Adonis DNA and Tiger Blood could use a little Venom.

Instead, I’ll just pick up my copy of Howl and enjoy the show. As should you!

10 Comments to “Charlie Sheen’s New Intern?”

  1. Kate should be your next intern, Sir Warlock Tiger Blood, Sir. Why? Becaue, frankly, Kate scares the shit out of me. And I bet she could pound 7 grams of anything you got, with one arm tied behind her back. Thank you.

  2. Please make her your intern. She’s holding me hostage in her basement, and injecting me with Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA. At least that’s what she’s calling it. It looks suspiciously like haggis and Diet Cherry Coke, but I don’t want to make her angry. You shouldn’t, either.

  3. Ha…. I think Charlie Sheen should beg, plead and army crawl over broken glass to have you for his intern!! Who on earth is better at delivering venomous snark than yourself!? No One!

  4. Carlos, you really have no choice in this matter. VK can outsnark you any day of the week, and at this point, your outbursts are in desperate need of renovation.

  5. First, get VK in as the intern. Then run like hell as she ends up taking Sheen under her venomous fang and makes HIM the intern.

    Nothing but the best here. I think she outclasses him. HE does not have a near-perfect ass.

  6. Not to sound like Sally Field or anything, but: “You fear me! You really fear me!”

  7. I approve. Winning without Sucking should be your campaign slogan.

  8. Charlie, every warlock needs a witch who won’t take any of his shit and who will remember all the spells. Kate’s your witch, dude.

  9. because you won’t be “Duh..Winning” plus she cn kick goddess a$$ if need be!!

  10. AFAIC that’s the best asnwer so far!