Elvis, Andy Kaufman and John

by Venomous Kate

What great skits we could've had

Yeah, I know. They’re dead. But every time I’ve seen George Tenet, I’ve had to wonder: are we sure about John?

5 Comments to “Elvis, Andy Kaufman and John”

  1. Gee, in that picture he looks more like Buddy Hacket

  2. Gee, got here from Instapundit. Found a website designed by clowns. Unfortunately nothing was mentioned about face paint, big feet, John Dacy. Or for that matter printing running over each missaligned line. Lots a luck guys wiht your – ah – whatever it is. G

  3. I got one better for ya’. Check thisout on my blog. By the way, I’ve admired your blog since I disovered it several months ago, and you inspired me to start one. Hope your nerve is unpinched soon.

  4. Thank’s a lot, I saw that picture and spit my beer on the monitor.