Sandra Bernhard Needs A Big Dose Of Shut Up

by Venomous Kate

My latest Pajama Media article is up and it’s not open for interpre-ta-tion.

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  1. For a moment there I sat wondering, “Who is this Katherine Berry person?”

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  2. The same thing is happening up here in Canada. If you didn’t know, there is also an election going on up here, with the same sort of leftist diatribe from media types. At one point, the Transportation Minister’s aide told a bunch of Native Canadians that, because many of them were drunk and unruly at an earlier attempt to have a meeting with the minister, that they could meet with him if they were sober. Taken out of context, that sounds bad (especially, when you don’t mention that they were drunk the last time). The media, and the left-of-center parties, jumped all over it.

    However, there is an undercurrent of particular..well…venom…coming from the right in your country. When CBC hack Heather Mallick (whom I have no respect for) wrote that Palin was “white trash” in an opinion piece, people have written to her stating that they would like to punch her in the mouth. And then this gem:

    “Those morons up north just can’t keep their ignorant mouths shut when it’s really none of their socialist business … the People’s Republic of Canada is no friend of the USA!”

    Article here.

    I guess there’s no dearth of stupidity on either side of the political spectrum. Unfortunate, that.

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  3. She’s my evil twin. ;P

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  4. It’s humorous to watch how words come in and out of vogue with the left.

    For example- a word I remember hearing a lot of-only a few short months ago- and yet it has disappeared from the scene:


    It’s a shame too. It’s a good word- sure it got used incorrectly a lot by the left- but at least they raised awareness- just before they became the public perpetrators.

    The right hated women- didn’t want one in power- until Sarah Palin.

    If the left weren’t so predictable they might be worth keeping around for amusement. But think about this- imagine if McCain’s and Palin’s politics were reversed- if he were the right winger and she were the moderate (read liberal)

    All we’d ever hear about is how the right refused to support a woman- even after surviving a grueling primary campaign- not because of her politics but because of her genitalia.

    But when we support a woman because of who she is, because of what she’s done, because of what she believes—- well misogyny disappears faster than a Democrat can be registered to vote multiple times in Chicago.

    The left has a few core beliefs- but they don’t play well in the country as a whole. So- they fashion ‘beliefs of convenience’ out of whole cloth to use when expedient only to abandon ownership of them when they are no longer effective.

    In a warped sort of way- the left has fulfilled the 2nd commandment of Christ (I’m avoiding the Old Testament which Sandra apparently owns)- to love your neighbor as yourself. Unfortunately since there are so many self-hating members of the left- when they love someone else like they love themselves- it’s not a pretty sight.

    I wish the self-hating Sandra Bernhard well. But primal scream therapy is not the same as stand-up. And national elections are not experiments to give free reign to your inner-brat.

    Misogyny- the problem still exists- even though the left has forgotten how to utter it.