The Most Annoying Song Ever

by Venomous Kate

Thanks to my foolish decision to use my clock radio this morning instead of my phone alarm, I started my day with a Wham! song in my head. Yeah, I’m pretty certain it was some DJ’s idea of a joke, what with George Michael heading to jail after his second third fourth drug-related legal fiasco.

Even before this morning, I’d considered this quite possibly the most annoying song ever. Yep, even more annoying than this song. Now that it’s been going through my head non-stop for three freaking hours? Now I am absolutely, 100% positive it is THE MOST ANNOYING SONG EVER!

Unless you can think of one that’s even more annoying? Leave your nominations in the comments. Who knows, maybe we’ll come up with a song list worthy of its own K-Tel release.

8 Comments to “The Most Annoying Song Ever”

  1. How about that 60s sob song “Teen Angel”

  2. Thanks to Zoolander, this song will forever be linked in my mind to foolish fags immolating themselves at a gas station!

  3. I really do need to watch that movie one of these days.

  4. Late to the party, but…

    I confess I’ve always liked this song.

    “Wake me up before you go go…”

    *dances across the room clapping his hands*

  5. Oh, man, I just can’t help myself…

    *dons his lovely off-white (or is it bone?) trench coat*

    “Never gonna give you up,
    never gonna let you down…”

  6. Yep, the most annoying song ever. It’s the one think musical the kids and I can agree upon. If you’re a glutton for punishment, Google the lyrics – almost makes you long for the melody.