Tonight’s Television Viewing

by Venomous Kate

I honestly don’t know how families without TiVo or a DVR watch television together in the evenings anymore. The other night, with a tornado watch keeping my family confined to the basement, VH and I found ourselves flipping through channels in search of a show we could watch with our Big-Eyed Boy. Oh, sure, there’s always the cartoon channel, but even that has its own dangers: all of the commercials trying to push cross-marketed merchandise on kids. (“Mommy, can I have Hulk Hands?” “Honey, do you even know who The Hulk is?” “No, but I need them anyway!”)

What we really hoped to find was a sitcom the whole family could relate to, one that wouldn’t introduce concepts or words that our son doesn’t need to know about, like the menage a trois frequently mentioned on Two and a Half Men, a show that VH and I enjoy when our son isn’t around. Unfortunately, there’s just not a whole lot of good, wholesome programming anymore. Come to think of it, there’s not a whole lot of good programming, period.

During tonight’s tornado watch — which, let’s face it, is pretty much a given if you’ve been paying attention to the weather in my area of late — we’ll be watching The Bill Engvall Show. (Season premier is tonight on TBS at 9 p.m. Eastern). I admit, we’re big fans of Bill Engvall around here, although I’ve yet to live down the night I laughed so hard while watching “Here’s Your Sign” that I wound up peeing a little.

In a recent interview (check it out below), Bill Engvall said that one of his goals for the show is to make it a template for the families that want to come back to watching television together in the evenings. That’s almost exactly what VH and I had said about the show last season when we caught the first episodes: that we’d been waiting since The Cosby Show for a program that would appeal to us as well as to our kids, one which is funny without being filthy, and which focused on inherently good, normal people living lives much like ours.

So, given my anticipation of yet more severe weather tonight, I’ve re-stocked our supplies in the basement and ensured that we have fresh batteries for the flashlights just in case the tornado sirens go off yet again. And, since we’ll be watching The Bill Engvall Show on TBS, I made sure to put a couple of spare pairs of underwear downstairs, too.

Like I said, the man is funny.


7 Comments to “Tonight’s Television Viewing”

  1. Great show indeed!!

    Micheles last blog post..Farmer’s Market Fare

  2. LOL. Yeah, I remember when he first grew that Van Dyke beard. I saw him standing next to Foxworthy and White and was like, “Whoa, did they get uglier or is he really working that beard?”

    With respect to thinking Ron White was good looking, all I can say is that I was drinking a lot more back then.

  3. Huge, huge, ENORMOUS crush on Engvall.

    Just sayin’.

    Margis last blog post..And now for something completely different

  4. BTW, I’m sure he’s thrilled he’s got the Fat Pacific Northwest Chick in his corner.

    Margis last blog post..And now for something completely different

  5. I am so head over heels for Bill Engvall! That man is just dead sexy! I don’t care what his age – I’d do him! *wink* And I love his show and I’m glad it’s back. Thankfully we DVR’d it last night so my best friend and I will be watching it today during the youngest’s naptime while Spongebob is off too. :p ugh.

    Good family shows are hard to come by these days for sure. My girls LOVE “Bones”. They aren’t creeped out by the scenes or anything. If anything, the middle child is very curious about it all. She thinks she might want to be in forensics when she grows up, she says. But as far as good tv shows? Best thing to do is DVR the old Cosby Show episodes…. *sigh*

  6. Will have to check out the show. And I share your sentiment regarding the DVR. An amazingly useful piece of technology. And not meaning to divert too much attention, but have you heard about the latest from the folks in charge of wrangling copyrights? Apparently, there is a back door feature that was built in to all DVR type devices. Movie studios want to activate that back door so that DVR users will be prevented from DVRing something before the studios say they can. For instance, a movie would be released in theaters and then to HBO before it is released on DVD. But you couldn’t record the show until the DVD release date. I’m sure I didn’t explain this very well.

    I think I’ll be watching The Riches via hulu this weekend…

    Jeffs last blog post..Friday Rant

  7. That’s appalling, isn’t it? Information Week covered the matter in May, explaining that broadcasters can “flag” a show to prevent recording by DVR or to ensure it’s erased after a certain amount of time. In today’s WSJ there’s also an article about Hollywood giving thought to allowing broadcast of early releases, but only via cable or satellite and only if they’re flagged to prevent recording.

    Personally, I can’t think of too many new releases I’d be interested in recording, anyway. Get Smart? The Hulk? Batman? Sex in the City? I seem to recall seeing all of those already, and I doubt the remakes or movie versions are going to be better.