Who Should Host Next Year’s Golden Globes?

by Venomous Kate

Dear Hollywood Foreign Press,

Next time you’re looking for an aging, overweight, snarky and embittered loudmouth with questionable notoriety to host the Golden Globes, please drop me a line. I’m much more reasonably priced than Ricky Gervais (will work for booze!) and chances are my calendar’s clear that night.


5 Comments to “Who Should Host Next Year’s Golden Globes?”

  1. ::: laugh ::: I might actually watch if they take you up on it.

  2. You’ve got my vote Babe! Can I write some of your material? I’m old and cynical.

  3. Randy, unlike LBJ, I promise I’d take the job if nominated.

    Twoma, You’re on!

  4. Someone once said “A Brit could read the phone book and sound erudite.” In this case, the previews for the show used Ricky’s best bits, which I thought would be indicative of a certain level of biting wit for the entire show. I was disappointed. Because I usually really love anything British.

    In recent memory, my favourite host of any awards show was Ellen. Before that it was probably Steve Martin, though I can’t remember dates or details.

  5. I’m an Anglophile, too, and we all know how fond I am of being bitchy. But, really, he went beyond the pale.