Eco-Friendly Fashion

by Venomous Kate

Although we on the right aren’t necessarily known for our stance on the environment, sometimes that’s simply because we don’t bleat loudly about what we’ve been doing long before Al Gore decided he needed an Oscar. I, for instance, seldom drive more than 5 miles round trip during the day. I “daylight” my house the instant the sun no longer shines directly into the windows. I leave the A/C off in the morning and throw the windows open to bring cool air inside, and most evenings if the temps dip below 75 I do it again.

I also try purchasing environmentally-friendly items, as long as they aren’t the fashion equivalent of an oil slick. Oh, I know what you’re thinking: environmentally-friendly fashion amounts to grubby Birkenstocks and clothes made of gunny sacks. You’re wrong.

Take this mini-evening bag, for instance. It’s got the metal hardware that’s all the rage right now along with Swarovski crystals for added bling. It also features a faux leather lining and interior light system so you can actually see what’s inside your bag.

To look at it, you’d never know it’s made from recycled truck inner tubes.

This handbag’s summery colors come from a material you’d never suspect. Designed by the Columbian artist Francisco Botero, the bag itself is made from candy wrappers. Yes, candy wrappers! Now, I tried weaving those together in summer camp when I was a kid and, I assure you, my creations never came out looking this good.

This open tote is perfect for art and pop culture fans. Made from recycled art banners, the lined interior has a cell phone pocket. Roomy handles make it suitable for both shoulder-wearing and carrying by hand.

See, you really can look good while doing good, too!

2 Comments to “Eco-Friendly Fashion”

  1. Beautiful handbags and the prices are decent too. Along with the fact that they are an eco friendly company with eco friendly products I also like the fact that they are Canadian. There’s so many shops I like but then I find they are in the US and don’t deliver outside of the USA. It’s really disappointing. I’ll be writing about this company too – sometime over the weekend.

  2. With free shipping, they really are fabulously priced. I’ve been thinking about that candy wrapper bag all day: I wants it. I do. I do!