Welcome Anwyn

by Venomous Kate

After running EV as a solo blog for nearly four years, I’ve about exhausted my supply of uninformed, off-the-cuff opinions. So, in the spirit of freshening this place a bit, I’ve invited several bloggers to become contributing authors here at EV.

First up, please welcome Anwyn, a self-described sometime editor and all-the-time mother whose blog captured my interest a while back.

10 Responses to “Welcome Anwyn”

  1. Many thanks for the honor you’ve bestowed, Kate. Greetings, Venomous Commenters! I’m working on getting into the swing of things here and hope I will adequately support the Venomous Standards.

  2. Ann-Win or A-Noon???

  3. Ann-win. Invented pseudonym I used while writing about Tolkien at TheOneRing.net. 🙂

  4. The beautiful thing about EV is that there are no standards, Anwyn. 🙂

  5. Except for martinis, as I understand it. 😉

  6. Well, yes. But that’s merely part of having good taste.

  7. There are, too, standards. You’re required to serve up an unspecified amount of snark on a semi-regular basis. 🙂

    That, and martinis.

  8. When the day comes that we can serve martinis through the internet, I fear Kate will never be bothered to post again!

  9. VH fears the day someone makes a robot capable of mixing a perfect dirty martini.

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