At Least I Won’t Serve Frozen Turkey

by Venomous Kate

Saturday night we had some neighbors over for dinner and, considering the time of year, it’s not surprising that the subject of deep-fried turkey came up. Now, despite my Southern roots, I have to admit that I’ve never tasted such a thing. Oh, I’ve heard of them. These days, everyone seems interested in coming up with ways to do something strange on Thanksgiving, whether it’s deep-frying the thing or serving turducken. I’m not a fan of change, though: there’s something almost sacred about a perfectly roasted Norman Rockwell-kind of turkey and I’m reluctant to try anything else come Thanksgiving.

Still, I was curious but wouldn’t know where to begin (aside from not doing it in the garage). Fortunately, the folks at have provided an excellent primer on how to deep-fry a turkey.

If you haven’t visited Yumm before, it’s worth the click. Billing themselves as the “yummy corner of the web”, they focus on fast, easy and (sometimes) healthy recipes. Plus, they provide video how-to guides on everything from making Adam Sandler’s memorable sandwich in Spanglish to carving that deep-fried turkey once it’s ready.

Me? I’m going to stick with the old tried and true sugar-brined and roasting method. It’s worked for me for 11+ years, ever since VH and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving together. But I am thinking about giving deep-fried Twinkies a shot.

Mmm… Twinkies.

10 Comments to “At Least I Won’t Serve Frozen Turkey”

  1. Deep-fried Snickers bars.

    FlyRices last blog post..I’ll find a map and draw a straight line.

  2. I’ll admit to curiosity about deep-fried pickles. Twinkies? Curious, maybe, but only in a man-look-at-that-wreck-I-wonder-if-anybody-died sort of way.

    wgs last blog post..And the vote is in!

  3. Umm,
    As somebody who creates about 30 of those deep fried wonders a year, I can say that it is definitely worth a try!

    Jeffs last blog post..Vote With Your Gut

  4. I just can’t get my head wrapped around the concept of taking something naturally good and healthy like turkey and deep-frying it. Twinkies? Sure. Snickers Bars? I’m SO going to try one of those. But turkey? I dunno.

    OTOH, if you’re willing to do all the work, Jeff… ;P

  5. Fried pickles are good. There’s a sandwich shop here that offers them as an appetizer.

    Fried turkeys are good too, and actually deep frying it allows the turkey’s own fat a better way to escape, which is why I don’t particularly like them. They tend to be dry.

    Smoked turkey, injected with cajun spices and mustard is good too. Still, you can’t go wrong with roasting a good bird.

    I sort of miss the days when we had enough people over for Thanksgiving that we needed one of each and a ham to feed everybody. And then, I sort of don’t 🙂

    Donna B.s last blog post..Misdirected Outrage

  6. Hooters has the fried pickles I love them,Bojangles has the cajun fried turkey at thanksgiving but I havent tried it

  7. A little venting… the majority of store bought turkeys are not quite so lovely. Aside from being raised in a less than hygienic manner, most of them are infused with some sort of water solution to help prevent the inevitable drying out that most people inflict on the carcass. Getting a fresh bird without the solution of -ates and -ites can be pricey. Free range turkey? Sure bagging your own wild bird is an option for some.

    Instead, I pick up an inexpensive store bird (about 12 pounds) and thaw it (actually several). I season it with salt and pepper and garlic inside and out. I let it sit overnight in the fridge or in coolers (temp safety!). I then fire up a vat of fresh peanut oil and get it to about 375 degrees. This is done outside, away from my house or the trees! Once the oil is at temp, the bird is lowered carefully, by basket, into the oil. It takes about 45 minutes, nut the bird is completely cooked, and flavorful and moist and juicy. The skin is even crispy! I make sure that my bird is the last to get fried.

    It may sound like the bird is turning into a giant french fry or a casual dining appetizer, but it really isn’t. Try one. Lemme know..

    Jeffs last blog post..Vote With Your Gut

  8. They’re really good. We’ve never done one. I think we would join the ranks of people who somehow turn frying a turkey into a housefire. Yes, people burn down their houses frying turkeys, even though I think they have enough sense to do it outdoors.

    And while the turkey we’re used to eating might be healthy, don’t forget the dressing….gravy….potatoes….etc.

    lifepundits last blog post..Our New Heat Pump

  9. I actually went to a Hooters for the first time ever last month. Wasn’t as bad as I thought. The waitress looked uncannily like my daughter, though, so that freaked me out. The oysters were awesome, however.

  10. VH’s best friend Tony says he’s got the capacity to do a fried turkey, so we’ll be trying one this year. He also has the capacity to do a smoked turkey (and just about anything else) in his Traeger Texas grill/smoker… which I’m lusting after.