Happy Eat An Animal For PETA Day!

by Venomous Kate

In honor of the 7th annual Eat an Animal for PETA Day, we at the Venomous Household will be having roasted loin of veal with foie gras and a cherry-grape red sauce.

Why, yes, I did have to plan ahead by ordering the roast from the butcher and the foie gras shipped overnight from Amazon.

But, hey, it’s worth it to get not one but two — count ’em, TWO — burrs under PETA’s saddle.

4 Comments to “Happy Eat An Animal For PETA Day!”

  1. Yumm… tasty critters…

  2. I myself defrosted 3 lamb chops last night with plans to eat them today, not even knowing it might irk someone at PETA. YAY!

  3. I try to annoy PETA several times a week.

  4. We are having quiche consisting of several animal products;
    eggs, cream, yogurt,parmesan, blue cheese,and lean bacon, there is a little veg in there too. Yum!!!! We had lamb chops last night for dinner and they were so good too! Baaaa baaaaa.