Drudge Has No Class

by Venomous Kate

There’s much ado this weekend over Drudge’s “breaking” story concerning Prince Harry’s tour of duty.

For 10 weeks, the British news agencies honored an agreement reached with the Ministry of Defence to forego disclosure of Prince Harry’s front line position in Afghanistan in exchange for media access to the Prince during his deployment. Then Matt Druge, long known for sensationalist, tabloid tactics, decided to share Prince Harry’s posting with the world.

As a result of Drudge’s story, the Prince’s tour of duty was cut short to protect his safety as well as those of his fellow soldiers. Harry returned home safely this morning. It’s unknown at this time what his next posting will entail.

James Joyner of Outside the Beltway points out that, while Drudge wasn’t a signatory to the media-MoD agreement, there’s much to be said for abiding by such “gentlemen’s agreements”.

Little Miss Attila puts it more succinctly: fuck Matt Drudge.

And now, as I learned from VodkaPundit, there’s a movement afoot to drop Drudge.

As you can see, I couldn’t agree more:

Bloggers drop Matt Drudge in protest for reporting the location of Prince Harry

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Join the movement: <a href="http://insidecharmcity.com/2008/02/29/drop-drudge/">Drop Drudge</a>.<br />

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Join the movement: <a href="http://insidecharmcity.com/2008/02/29/drop-drudge/">Drop Drudge</a>.<br />

19 Responses to “Drudge Has No Class”

  1. In several news stories, in mainstream medias, I heard an Australian media source broke the story first – if so, does that change any views of Drudge?

    Beth’s last blog post..Weekend Update

  2. No. That Australian story ran in January, and as you can see it didn’t get picked up anywhere else (because of the widespread recognition that publicizing Prince Harry’s location would endanger troops).

    Then Drudge decided everyone should know about it, and considering his status as “America’s bulletin board”, he knew it would get spread worldwide.

    He made that choice in order to tally up another ‘scoop’ for himself, and with no regard to the safety of those serving alongside Prince Harry, much less Harry’s safety.

    No class.

  3. There’s plenty of Brits pretty upset about this, and upset that Americans are even commenting on the reasons Harry had to return. Tread very lightly! I got my ass chewed on one forum for a flippant thought that maybe the Royals arranged the leak in order to have reason to bring Harry back home safely, heir to the throne and whatnot. Just don’t even go there.

    Hell if I know where it all started, all I know is that Drudge is an absolute prick for endangering lives.

    Copying the link. Thanks!

    Joan of Argghh!’s last blog post..Edward Teach – Blackbeard!

  4. I can almost understand a “scoop” that has to do with a public service or a safety issue or to bring some much needed valuable information.

    So, I don’t get the value of the story in this case. The guy was there doing his job – what he’s been trained for. Drudge breaking the story did

    – NOTHING to inform the public of an issue of import to their lives
    – NOTHING to make things safer for any troops deployed
    – NOTHING to bring the world needed information

    He simply made one young man’s life very unhappy… all for a “scoop”.

    I have disliked Drudge for a long time – this puts the seal on it. I won’t be stopping there again if I can help it. I don’t care what story he gets as a “scoop”. The man is a jerkwad.

  5. If he was to abide with the “gentleman’s agreement” was he going to get the “gentleman’s access”? They got something out of keeping their mouth shut and he didn’t. Regardless of whether this SHOULD be reported on.

    NerdMom’s last blog post..Devin Nunes: Porker of the Month?

  6. Whatever happened to not releasing info that could hurt the troops? I remember in Constitution 101 that the first Amendment didn’t protect some speech–the examples they used was crying “Fire” in a crowded theatre, and releasing info on troop ship movements.

    Drudge should be ashamed of himself.

    Tony Iovino’s last blog post..Friday Quickies

  7. Drudge didn’t even break the story. It was originally published in Australia in the first week of Jan. You people are unreal. Funny the Brits are happy that Drudge broke the story.

    I also don’t see you getting upset about the quid pro quo TO WHICH HE WAS NOT A PARTY. Is no one upset tha the media took advantage of it’s position? Oh hell no you just want to hate on Drudge.

    The only people who should be ashamed of themselves are you people. Unbelievable.

    Mark’s last blog post..AP attacks Bloggers

  8. Drudge was an idiot. But what will be even more idiotic is the “scandal” that will erupt over teh logo on the back of Harry’s baseball cap (or the flag on the front). Have a look at my recent blog post.

    Jeff’s last blog post..Out Of Harm’s Way

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