Her Money Was Where Her Mouth Was?

by Venomous Kate

I’m not sure which is more confusing: why someone would blow good money on a “diamond and gold mouthpiece” or why a dentist would actually install one? One thing I’m not confused about: the category to file this one under… Idiots Bite.

A Leavenworth woman says she was jumped by several people who forcibly removed a gold mouthpiece that had been cemented to her teeth, according to a police spokesman.

The incident was reported Friday after the 37-year-old woman went to Cushing Hospital, said Maj. Robert Smith, deputy chief of the Leavenworth Police Department.

The woman told police she was attacked after she left a bar at about 1:30 a.m. Friday at Sixth and Cherokee streets. She was approached by five to six women.

“They came up behind her in the alleyway and began hitting her and forced her into a car,” Smith said.

The vehicle was driven away and the attackers continued to hit the woman.

The suspects reportedly began working to remove the victim’s 24-karat gold and diamond mouthpiece. They ended up breaking the woman’s teeth as they were removing the object, according to Smith.

One Comment to “Her Money Was Where Her Mouth Was?”

  1. That mouthpiece is a “grill” and that’s where the phrase “getting all up in my grill” came from. You can thank homies like Flavor Flave for the trend… which is passe.

    (I’m 51 years old. Why in the world do I retain useless bits of knowledge like this???)