How Do I Look Now That My Fist’s In Your Mouth?

by Venomous Kate

Channel-surfing just now, I ran across something called “How Do I Look?” What kind of show is this where friends and family spend the first part of it ragging on how embarrassing the subject’s fashion sense (or lack thereof) is, and all the ways they’ve screwed up their lives, but, hey, it’s okay because now they’re wearing new clothes?

Man, I’d come out for my Big Reveal and start throwing punches. Granted, I’d be wearing designer clothes (and shoes!) while doing it, but my friends and family’s next TV appearance would only be suitable for Discovery Health.

3 Comments to “How Do I Look Now That My Fist’s In Your Mouth?”

  1. Reality shows prove that lawyers aren’t the only ones that will do anything for……….

    No reflection on you in your former profession is intended.

  2. I have seen that show and there actually was one episode where the person being made over rebelled and basically disowned one of her best friends over it. It was pretty intense, and entertaining in an uncomfortable kind of way.

  3. I had to turn it off. Wouldn’t have been surprised to see the woman featured in the show appearing on COPS later, though.