Taxpayers Pay For The Octuplet Mom

by Venomous Kate

My latest Pajamas Media column, Who Will Raise The Octuplets’ Mom’s Kids: Taxpayers! is up. An excerpt:

Perhaps there’s a sick genius behind Nadya Suleman’s choice to have her octuplets while unmarried, unemployed, and living in her parents’ basement: that $1.5 to $3 million hospital bill won’t be her responsibility.

5 Responses to “Taxpayers Pay For The Octuplet Mom”

  1. I can’t quite get my head around the doctor agreeing to do IVF for someone who already had 6 children, 3 of them apparently with certain disabilities. I also wonder if she got any counseling before going ahead with it.

  2. Having had one premie myself, I believe the doctor should be held mostly responsible. He better than anyone should know that the chances of all the babies needing pre-natal care would be inevitable and the cost in the millions. I wouldn’t wish that on any baby after seeing what I went through. I barely managed to have one other child, who was only a month early and didn’t need extra care, after my first didn’t make it and thought to myself be thankful for the one I have and called it quits. I wouldn’t want to put another child through the neo-natal ward. I at least was double insured through my husband and my employment.

  3. I would adopt one of those babies in a heartbeat, but I doubt my husband and I would qualify. We’re too old, for one thing.

    The video and photos of the babies… don’t you want to cuddle them? How can we hold them responsible for their mother’s and the doctor’s stupidity?

  4. I absolutely do NOT think those children should be held responsible for the mother’s and doctor’s combined stupidity. Unfortunately, that’s almost inevitable unless Mom wins the lottery or becomes a millionaire through her book deal(s).

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