The Cuppa That Still Costs Too Much

by Venomous Kate

My latest column, Can Starbucks Really Offer “Value” With A Straight Face is up at Pajamas Media.

For those too lazy to click through and read it, the upshot is that Starbucks hopes to lure you away from McDonald’s by offering ‘value meals’ with your tall drip coffee or venti latte. Of course, you’re still going to be shelling out nearly $4 but, hey, it’ll be fun juggling that bowl of overpriced oatmeal while you’re driving!

2 Comments to “The Cuppa That Still Costs Too Much”

  1. Call me old fashion or lost in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s but I went to Mickey Dee’s last weekend and ordered a Quarter Pounder plain. The bill was $3.18. I’m going to Quick Trip for the 2 for $2 hotdogs my way from now on. Screw Starbucks and Mickey!

  2. The Big-Eyed Boy loves Mickey D’s but hates french fries. It works out great for me: he gets the hamburger, prize and pop from his Happy Meal, I get the fries and order a latte. We’re both satisfied for less than $5. Love that.