California Town Bans Smoking In Own Home

by Venomous Kate

For years now, I’ve been an on-again-off-again smoker. Since I don’t permit smoking in the house, whether I’m “on” or “off” smoking is dramatically affected by the weather. In the summer when we’re spending evenings grilling on the deck and swilling cocktails, I definitely smoke more. Come winter days like today, when it’s freaking cold outside, not so much. Yesterday, for instance, I had a total of three cigarettes while today I haven’t had a single one.

When asked why I continue to smoke despite the known health issues and expense, my answer is always the same: it’s saves me a fortune in legal fees by keeping my hands too occupied to wrap around other peoples’ necks.

That argument doesn’t fly in California, though, where the little town of Belmont has gone so far as to ban people from smoking in their own homes.

Not surprisingly, habitually health-conscious California has been ahead of the curve on the issue, with several other cities passing bans on smoking in most units in privately owned apartment buildings, but none has gone as far as Belmont, which prohibits smoking in any apartment that shares a floor or ceiling with another, including condominiums.

Oh, sure. I know some of you rabid non-smokers out there are no doubt applauding, particularly those of you living in apartments and condos who’ve had to deal with the smell of your neighbor’s cigarette smoke.

But just remember: first they came for the smokers. Piss enough of us off and you’re going to see smokers starting to call for legislation that makes it illegal for you to cook smelly food, wear cheap perfume, clump around in high heels on hardwood floors and sing along with your radio.

16 Responses to “California Town Bans Smoking In Own Home”

  1. tell me I can’t smoke in my own home that’s fine – pay my living expenses too; rent/mortgage, electric, taxes, gas, water…

    … yeah, I’m waiting for the day they tell me I can’t smoke in my home…

    (NOTE: with three asthmatic children, I do not smoke inside my home. On cold days I smoke in the garage. However, my outrage comes from the principle of this bit of ignorance.)

  2. I finally broke down and tried smoking in the garage last month when it was a mere 3 degrees outside. Yes, it was warmer… but the smell of the garbage just about killed me!

  3. I used to have that problem too – until I made the DH move the garbage can out to the side of the house (like everyone else in the neighborhood). Unfortunately that’s not an option some people have. (Living in the south, we kinda have to do it that way anyway – the heat of the garage would really cause the garbage to stink. It’s definitely a different experience in the way one does things out here than it is in the midwest… I prefer the south hands-down.)

  4. I’m an occasional cigar smoker. But ‘no smoking’ laws have ALWAYS pissed me off. Sure there are places where it is frowned upon, but let the people have their nicotine shot. If them come after my vodka that’ll be the time I start going to the shooting range.

  5. My life got amazingly better at age 7 when my mom quit and my father went outside. But outlawing it – that’s a bit extreme. Kate, I wish all smokers had sense enough not to smoke in their homes.

    How on earth could California enforce that law?

  6. Neighbours will start ratting each other out?

  7. Hear, hear!! I second that! If they ever do that here? I’m going to jail and you tax-payers can keep me in a healthy state. BuHAahahahahahahaa..

  8. Lordy, I’m glad I live in the South.

    Sure, we’re backwards, uncouth, and uneducated… but I can still smoke in my house, if I choose too.

    If I let them take my smokes, is my wine much further behind?


  10. LOL! From my cold dead hands….that’s what guns are for…

  11. ( I should have said; to prevent.) :))

  12. Funny how nobody ever brings up banning alcohol – those lobbyist must be something else. Unfortunately for me, I moved to AZ for a job, and everything CA does, AZ soon follows! I may have to move to Europe where they all still smoke like crazy. 🙂

  13. Europe’s slowly changing, too. There’s no smoking in enclosed workplaces in Ireland and the UK… and that includes pubs. Norway and Sweden outlawed smoking in bars and restaurants, although Sweden allows for smoking sections if food isn’t served. Italy bans smoking in enclosed public places, including bars. Bars and restaurants are about the ONLY places that Spain’s smoking ban doesn’t affect. And The Netherlands bans smoking in all public places, period.

    Heck, there’s even a law banning smoking in cafes, bars and restaurants in Paris. That’s right, no more lingering over coffee while reading Sartre and smoking in Parisian cafes.

    The world is so effed up.

  14. That’s going a little too far. I, too, have smoked on and off for years, (currently smoking Djarum Specials, those will do you in FAST,) but I won’t smoke inside my home, either. Too much collateral damage.

  15. I love the smoking issue–it exposes the tyrants.

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