Feds Pick On “The Plain People” Over Raw Milk

by Venomous Kate

Home cheese making in the cheese cave Since I began trying my hand at home cheese making last month, I’ve found reason to scream at least once a week about the Fed’s ban on raw milk.

For one thing, using store-bought (pasteurized) milk means I have to add calcium chloride to reintroduce calcium to the milk (yes, really) so it can form the curd which is the basis of any cheese. Now, getting away from chemical additives in my food was one of the things that led me to home cheesemaking (along baking bread from scratch, making my own pasta, etc.) So it ticks me off that the government is basically forcing me to either buy food with additives, or use additives if I want to make my own food. That’s seriously overstepping some boundaries, if you ask me.

For another thing, the raw milk ban means our already cash-strapped government is spending big bucks prosecuting something rather minor. How minor? According to Boing-Boing, despite a thriving underground and black market among foodies (and just about anyone who owns their own cattle), raw milk is responsible for two — yes, just two — deaths in the last ten years.

Oh, and did I mention that these statistics are of such great concern to the Feds that they’re raiding Amish and Mennonite farms, guns drawn and voices screaming, like they were meth labs?

Honestly, it’s enough to make me give serious thought to packing up the Venomous Household and moving where we can enjoy unpasteurized cheese in peace and quiet. I hear France is lovely, now that hardly anyone still smokes. And at least I could get some decent Brie there.

Speaking of Brie… mine didn’t turn out. I’d love to blame the pasteurized milk for that, but the blame goes to my cat. Next time, I’ll remember not to leave the cheese press unattended while I shower. As they’d say in France (where they get to eat unpasteurized cheese to their hearts’ content), C’est la Brie.

Or something like that.

5 Comments to “Feds Pick On “The Plain People” Over Raw Milk”

  1. back in my younger days I had the raw milk in the glass bottles delivered to my door,that was the best milk I ever had and yes the Government took that away

  2. I had milk delivery when I lived in Seattle and, you’re right, it was the BEST. It was also the only milk, besides buttermilk, that I ever liked.

  3. Sorry about your brie. When I lived just west of DeSoto, KS (in my country life days) there was a source of raw milk (Grensey I believe) south of Eudora, KS. Both of those towns are just south of you in Western Jo. Co. and eastern Douglas CO on K-10. Also you might check out the food co-ops in Lawrence.Organic foodies may also have some sources. There is a black market in white whole un processed milk. You might allso make friends with a dairyman. Bon chancé

  4. Apparently the Feds got bored shutting down websites that are streaming movies and tv shows and scaring the life out of the owners of those sites, so they had to start in on the Amish peoples… It is so not safe to pull guns on Amish people… Half my family is Amish and I don’t see them standing for that at all.

  5. I think there’s a reason the Amish are known for being stubborn AND armed. Not a good combination if you’re a Fed agency hell-bent on restricting individual liberties.