PETA Petitions Prison Over Cannibal’s Diet

by Venomous Kate

Christopher Lee McCuin apparently has Hannibal Lecter’s tastes. Earlier this week the 25-year-old man from Tyler, Texas was arraigned on capital murder charges involving the death — and suspected consumption — of his girlfriend, Jana Shearer. He left the body for his mother to find in her garage.

But that’s not all he left at Mommy’s house:

Sheriff J. B. Smith said investigators found Ms. Shearer’s body with chunks of flesh cut out, one ear boiling in a pot of water on the stove and a plate of human flesh with a fork on the kitchen table in his mother’s brick home….

As if those facts weren’t drawing enough attention, PETA (the animal-rights activist group) wants to make sure McCuin never gets to indulge his apparent taste for flesh again. They’ve petitioned the jail demanding a vegetarian diet for McCuin, saying that it’s up to the Sheriff to keep McCuin from “contributing to any more suffering and death.” Moreover, PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich warned, the consumption of meat might make McCuin commit further violence.

To his credit, the Sheriff’s response to PETA at least appeared to take them seriously. He cited the Texas Commission on Jail Standards which has strict guidelines for the care and feeding of prisoners, even cannibals. Absent a medical reason, he explained, prison officials may not intentionally alter a prisoner’s meal.

But it wasn’t easy, Sheriff J.B. Smith said. “I kind’ve said ‘pfft’ in a very nice way.”

Very professional. I, personally, would’ve used a different four-letter word than pfft.

7 Comments to “PETA Petitions Prison Over Cannibal’s Diet”

  1. EWWW!!!

    But seriously, so PETA decided that part of this dude’s punishment should be a Veg. diet because he happens to like meat a LITTLE (eh?) more then the rest of us.

    Heh heh @ PETA …

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  2. He should at least have an ear of corn everyday.

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  3. I’m still trying to decide whether his tableau was more a comment about his hatred of his ex-girlfriend, or about his mother’s cooking.

  4. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? ™

    Only PETA can decide that the meat one man can eat (as opposed to the many at the jail) will make any kind of difference to the animals themselves…

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  5. Soon PETA will challenge his right to beat his meat while in prison simply because that, too, might be violent.

  6. rotflol!

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  7. PETA always leaves me so conflicted. I get some of their message. Unfortunately, the rest of the message is way too whacked for my, ahem, tastes. And the rest gets lost in their insane delivery. What on Earth gives PETA the notion that they have anything to do with the care and feeding of prisoners? Why do they have the moral authority to dictate a diet? OTOH, they *are* getting close to supporting a human, so…

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