HuffPo Sees A Racist Around Every Corner

by Venomous Kate

Given the 1,079 pages of mind-numbing legislation, it’s no surprise to learn that the President didn’t read the economic stimulus bill in its entirety before signing it yesterday. As Kim points out, who has time to read something that long? In fact, the thing is so notoriously chock full of various allocations and spending items that it borders on unintelligible.

That, of course, would ordinarily be a ripe source of commentary and quips for comedians were we living in a country when it was still okay to make fun of politicians.

NY Post Cartoon But such jokes are now verboten because they’re racist, don’t you know? No, really: just ask the folks at HuffPo who have their hemp panties in a wad over a cartoon in today’s NY Post which visually makes that very point. (Note the dead monkey.)

Yeah, it could never be a funny reference to the infinite monkey theorem, could it? Oh for the days when late night comedians, talking about this bill, could have quipped: “You think it takes forever to read the stimulus plan? Think about those thousand monkeys who had to slave* around the clock at their typewriters to come up with it!” (That’s how Gizmodo gets their blog entries, apparently.)

*Aw, gee. I just typed the word slave. I’m not supposed to do that either these days, am I?

UPDATE: Chris Muir explains how President Obama managed to read the bill in its entirety, line by line. (Drink alert.)

7 Responses to “HuffPo Sees A Racist Around Every Corner”

  1. It’s clearly a reference to the case from a couple of days ago where the police had to shoot a pet chimp that had gone wild and was attacking its owner.

  2. Even so, that’s still not racist, is it?

  3. Imagine the cartoon during Bush’s administration with the caption “I guess somebody else will have to write the next farm bill.”

    Why is OK to make fun of a white man with chimp jokes, but not a black one? Actually it’s not — the caricatures of Bush as chimp always bothered me.

  4. Did anyone actually find this funny?

  5. I read this right after reading the story about Eric Holder calling us a

    Nation of Cowards

    Of course I am now giggling madly after reading your post… remember we’re supposed to be brave and talk to each other. ROFLMAO.

  6. Dee — funny, no. Also racist, no.

    It is at it unfunniest in that it makes light of the damage that wild animals can do to humans.

    My dogs may be animals, but they’ve been bred for 100s of generations to be friendly to people and even at that one cannot completely trust them not to attack.

    In fact, isn’t their ability to attack one reason people own them? You really would not want to make my Great Pyrenees think you want to hurt me. Nor would I want the dog to think I was going to hurt my husband. He’s protective of us both.

    A chimp is only one generation away from a wild animal, and to make fun of the chimp’s death is to belittle the injuries he caused to the woman. Why this cartoon is not funny has nothing to do with race or politics. It’s just plain mean.

    For blacks to find it discriminating for them, but not whites, to be compared to chimps or apes simply shows a humongous misunderstanding of evolution, to their detriment.

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