Letter of the Day: B

by Venomous Kate

Continuing on with our little tour of the alphabet, today’s letter is B. If you want to get in on tomorrow’s linkfest, simply write a post linking this one — and be sure to send a trackback. That’s it! (Now, can you guess what tomorrow’s letter will be? I knew you could.)

So, let’s see what bellicose, brilliant, braggart, ballsy or otherwise boisterous things the blogosphere’s blogged of late:

B is for busy, beer and Big Guy, all three of which seem to work quite well together.

B is for beautiful, bellowing babies and brave, benevolent moms.

B is for borders: as in, ours.

B is for BAM! (which, after reading Ilyka, I’ve begun to think really stands for Brilliant advertising maneuver!)

B is for boobage busting out… but not the kind you’re expecting.

B is for boy oh boy!

B is for beware the nanny state.

And, sadly, B is for big brothers. David’s passed away yesterday, so be sure to stop by and offer your condolences.

2 Comments to “Letter of the Day: B”

  1. Thank you for the kind words. It seems more difficult this time: I’m more aware of all the dangers and I’m infinitely more tired and cranky but I swear. . .it’s all worth it. Honestly. I wouldn’t trade a second.

    But you know a rant post here and there helps with the equilibrium.


  2. Thanks Kate, I appreciate the thougts. It’s pretty rough right now, but I am planning on heading to LA perhaps tomorrow for the funeral.