Letter of the Day: E

by Venomous Kate

If you’re wondering why the “Letter of the Day” isn’t, well, daily, let’s just say these things are a bit harder than they look. But changing the name of the meme isn’t really an option. I mean, who’d want to play the “Letter of the Every-Day-Or-So-Depending-On-Time-And-Temperment”, huh?

So, meanwhile:

E is for Elliot!

E is for “escalating caps”?

E is for exact extrapolation.

E is for evil, evil spammers.

E is for expenses extorted by “experts”.

E is for eager commenters?

E is for ennui.

E is for enough already, Blaine!

E is for expected to be expecting?!

E is for excuses, excuses.

Now, an explanation for those who’ve emailed for extra education on etering this sporadic little linkfest: it’s easy: edit one of your entries to ensure it links here (and especially that it emits a ping to EV) and you’ll earn your explicit inclusion in tomorrow’s extravaganza.

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