The Letter of the Day: C

by Venomous Kate

C is for crabby.

C is for crunchy critters.

C is for crystal meth creeps past coke use worldwide.

C is for chili-infused clothing material: the Chinese snack choice?

C is for Christianist or creep?

C is for conservatives are craving a choice.

C is for Carson’s cohort on a bottle of vodka?

C is for Caption Contest!

C is for cringing that Chris was cast off.

C is for coveting a carefully composed cover that was created by cash: the lucre that turns other people’s time into yours.

C is for cooperation in composing the world’s first Open-Source Legal Motion!

C is for catty commentary on cosmetic surgery.

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5 Responses to “The Letter of the Day: C”

  1. Cool. 😉
    Now I’m figuring out what you’re doing with this. I must be sleepier than I thought… hee.

  2. Two points for avoiding the obvious c-word.

  3. I have a “D is for Driving” post up, but you are not to “D”, yet. Oops. :-\

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