Lovely Links – Oct. 5, 2010

by Venomous Kate

Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame (because we’d all prefer to forget The Runaways) can smile. Who knew?

Speaking of Twilight, the woman whose hands cup the apple on the cover is pissed that you don’t recognize her.

Jennifer Aniston (whose chin still freaks me out) has been proclaimed the most eligible single woman in the world. See what being called a sport fuck gets ya?

And speaking of sport fucks: Amy Fisher (remember her?) is starring in an adult video being released today, which she claims “has nothing to do with sex” and insists “this is about acting”. The title: Deep Inside Amy Fisher. Rejected subtitles include: “Amy’s Big Bang”, “Who’s afraid of a little Buttafuokin’?” and “No one would pay to see this woman naked if it weren’t for who she is.”

Happy Tuesday, folks!

2 Comments to “Lovely Links – Oct. 5, 2010”

  1. Too much info about Amy. What is she, 50 by now? Prono for the retirment home?

  2. Amy Fisher! Talk about a blast from the past! Oh, what a terrible pun. 🙂