Lovely Links – Sept. 13, 2010

by Venomous Kate

Once upon a time, in a blog not so far away (okay, this blog, but that doesn’t sound nearly as literary, does it?) I ran a daily linkfest entitled ‘Letter of the Day’, or something like that. It was the best of memes, it was the worst of memes. (See, I’m doing that literary thing again. That there is known as “circularity” and is considered the sign of a talented writer or, in my case, someone whose brain is already too exhausted to think up original stuff.)

The good part: it led me to discover new blogs and gave me an incentive to share with you some of the strange stuff I encountered on the internet. The bad part: that ‘daily’ bit pissed off my inner procrastinator and, well, I found myself begging my dentist to find a reason to give me a root canal just so I didn’t have to sit down and blog.

Meanwhile, Facebook started getting all of my good stuff because at least there I don’t feel bad about posting short links with little additional commentary. That, after all, is what constitutes being social these days, right? Then Facebook introduced that whole “Places” thing that lets you check in from your current location and, even though I’ve opted out, I still can’t help recalling how many times Facebook’s changes to privacy settings have totally screwed up the things I thought I’d opted out of.

But what happens if, on the day I tell one friend (not you) that I can’t come watch Little Johnny’s tap dance recital because I’m home with a cold when, in fact, I’m out drinking with another friend (maybe you) and drunkenly update my Facebook status with a crack about that day’s top news story only to find out that Facebook’s changes mean that my first friend now knows I’m lying?

Oh, sure, I could try that whole “honesty is the best policy” thing but anyone who has female best friends knows that’s a bunch of bullshit. Besides, if I were to take that honesty route I’d have to tell my friend that Little Johnny is a talentless dancer whose tapping is more reminiscent of someone walking barefoot in a roomful of cockroaches but that, hey, at least he came by that lack of rhythm honestly, having inherited from his mother. See? Honesty is not always the best approach.

But where was I?

Oh, yes. Lovely links. I gots ’em, and now I’m giving ’em to you:

  • 35 Life Hacks You Should Know – Infographic
  • Everyone’s got a Bucket List. The cool kids know it’s important to have a F*ck It List, too. What’s on yours?

What’s that you’re saying — all that reading and I’m only giving you two measly links??? As if you’ve even read this far already. But, for my lonely stalker who is probably the only person to make it this far in the damn entry, let me point out the title just said “Lovely Links“, which implies more than one. See, I’m doing that honesty thing after all.

7 Comments to “Lovely Links – Sept. 13, 2010”

  1. HEY!… I resent that “lonely” crack. Just because I’ve set up camp on the sidewalk on the other side of the street (to comply with the restraining order) doesn’t mean I’m lonely!!

  2. Especially since I’m right here next to you.

    And besides, I don’t pay any attention to that restraining order. The judge just doesn’t *understand*!

  3. You two crack me up. But don’t forget, the judge said “100 yards”. So stop peeing in my hedges, m’kay?

  4. I would never pee in your hedges. That’s what I use Alacrity’s water bottle for.

  5. So who’s been peeing in my hedges, then?

  6. *looks askance at Alacrity*