Lovely Links – Sept. 16

by Venomous Kate

Stuck reliving your glory days? Turns out, that might be good for you!

“No, you are not ‘running late’. You are rude and selfish.” (As someone who used to be a procrastinator, and is now known for being both prompt and intolerant of others’ tardiness, all I can says is: damn right!)

According to Lifehacker, leaving your luggage in a hot car kills bed bugs. So much for that excuse to avoid visiting relatives, at least in the summer.

And speaking of life… and hacks… here’s what to do when parts of your body fall off.

See, this is why I don’t look for my biological parents.

3 Comments to “Lovely Links – Sept. 16”

  1. In fact, sustained high temperatures is the ONLY thing that kills them.

    In a demonstration, several bedbugs were put in a petrie dish filled otherwise with the maximum legal concentration of the baddest pesticide they can legally apply (thanks to that fucking liberal ass”silent spring” douchocity) and after a few days, not only were the bedbugs not dead, they had multiplied.

    Any pest control service that sells you an easy solution to bedbugs should throw a bridge in with the service.

  2. Michael, the whole thought of bed bugs creeps me out. Remember how I used to book myself into a hotel suite for a weekend every 6 months, just to get a Mom-cation? Not any more. I’m afraid I’d just be taking a break from one irritant just to bring home a new, more insidious one.

  3. That Greg Savage link must have been awesome since he spiked the post. It’s an invalid URL now.

    He hasn’t even corrected his internal links to it such as the one found here: