iScream about iPhone

by Venomous Kate

I was going to write a snarky, scathing entry about the fact that the iPhone could cost you $6,000 over the next two years. Then I pulled up my billing records to find the cost of my Verizon Treo over the same amount of time.

I’ll just shut up and drink my martini now.

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8 Responses to “iScream about iPhone”

  1. LOL – it’s really easy to stir people up with numbers. Yeah, I don’t look too closely at my cell bill – just pay it. OTOH – I love my Treo and I have no intention of changing – at least for now.

  2. No iPhone in my immediate future, I use a phone for making phone calls and the occasional picture. Sides which I have T-mobile and am locked in for the obligatory 2 years after getting my kid a Blackberry.

    Despite the prettiness of the iPhone, it lacks the appeal of the Palm which has more software.

  3. Heck, I’m thinking about downgrading from my Treo to a plain, vanilla cell phone. I don’t like talking on phones, I don’t like paying for (or hassling with) text messages, I’ve already got a digital camera that I carry in my purse, and everyone I want to keep in touch with has email. Seems like overkill to have a “smart” phone, too.

  4. I need my calendar, memos, and a cell – that’s why I bought it. It was too much hassle carrying a cell and a palm pilot I’d always forget the palm and end up without my lists and appointment stuff. Since I combined it – I haven’t had a problem. *grin*

  5. Ah, see, I’d have to actually be more than 20 feet from a computer for it to make sense for me.

  6. not spending money on iPhone
    spending too much on iHome

  7. When I can afford a cell phone at all, I may want an iPhone. Till then, I’ll have to patient & settle for the tin cans and string of my youth. 🙂

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