It’s Good To Have Standards

by Venomous Kate

I stopped at the liquor store this afternoon to pick up a fresh bottle of vodka because, you know, it’s a day that ends with a y.


The guy in line ahead of me had selected a nice bottle of Moet & Chandon’s White Star. (A 2008, as he pointed out when I complimented his selection; they discontinued that label last year.)

And then he proceeded to pay for it in change, pulling coins from both pockets of his pants and pouring it out of a grease-splattered brown paper bag he’d sat down on the counter. He even produced a roll of quarters he’d tucked into one sock with a hole big enough for his heel to poke through.

There you have it, folks: proof the economy is recovering. Even winos are shelling out for the good stuff these days.


5 Responses to “It’s Good To Have Standards”

  1. Hello Kate,

    Long time – I dropped out of political blogging to write a novel or two, and now that I’ve got an agent for #1, I’m changing costumes and reintroducing myself… Thought this post of yours was a perfect circumstance to do so!


  2. This man is more desperate than I. I pay my bills, budget out for birthdays & a toy for each of the children the children, my monthly hair color apt., then pray I have enough to get wine from or something special from Hubby pays the rest of the bills but he, a recovered alcoholic will not purchase my wine.

  3. A day that ends in Y? That would be . . . Hey! Wait a minute! All days end in Y! Are you trying to pull a fast one here sugar?

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