Tippling Tuesday: The Belated Edition

by Venomous Kate

Thanks to a neighbor with a bottle of absinthe I didn’t run Tippling Tuesday this week. (Why, yes, the absinthe was good. No I don’t remember much of the evening. Didn’t I just repeat myself?) The way I see it, I might as well run Tippling Tuesday tonight, belatedly.

So… what are you wearing???

15 Comments to “Tippling Tuesday: The Belated Edition”

  1. Friday morning here in China so I am wearing jeans,sandals, and a cute blue top to match my eyes. Panties have blue and brown hearts too. Over the shoulder boulder holder is white. TMI???? I have not had anything to drink yet but plan on having Sake with my Japanese dinner tonight while Expat Son is at a halloween party and trick or treating with his friends in a different compound. That gives Hubby and time to have the meal out!
    Woo hoo!

    GZ Tai-Tais last blog post..Cooking blind

  2. No such thing as TMI, here, Tai-Tai. Ever seen Philosophy’s lotion, Amazing Grace? My over the shoulder boulder holder matches the bottle, as do my panties. (For once.) Jeans with gypsy-inspired multicolored fringe and a baggy brown, although cleavage-baring, top complete the ensemble.

    Also, a splash of martini. I expect more to follow. 😉

  3. I’ve always been a conditional fan of cleavage. On overweight plumbers from behind….not so much. On the average, or even not-so-average, woman….yes. 🙂

    Okay, bottom to top. I’m wearing brown canvas low-tops, white cotton socks that for once match both each other and the rest of the unmentionables (t-shirt and boxers, for the curious) I currently have on. Jeans – straight-legged rather than the usual relaxed fit I prefer, and a maple-tree-in-fall orange knit sweater. On one wrist, a crimson/yellow rubber bracelet supporting Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital (those who know me may remember why I have occasion to be thankful for that institution), and a silver analog watch. On one hand, I have a surgical steel ring with an Irish wedding knot, and on the other, a silver thumb ring inscribed with “Love Now And Forever” in Gaelic (a present from Red). In my left ear, a very discreet diamond stud and, currently, also my new Bluetooth headset.

    wgs last blog post..And the vote is in!

  4. Hon (and I call you that now after 4+ years of this exchange), if you are THAT detailed with all of your descriptions then Red is a very, VERY lucky woman.

  5. Flannel red and black plaid jammies with a wedding ring and a scotch on the rocks at my left hand. And you?

  6. We had our cub scout Halloween party this evening so I am in black sweat pants, a bright orange t-shirt, and a navy blue sweatshirt material sweater jacket. I am wearing fuzzy socks and cream colored Isotoner ballet style slippers. Purple cotton hi-cut panties and a pink camisole over the shoulder boulder holder. Earlier this evening I had on a pair of Dr. Scholls open backed tennis shoes (cloggy, extremely comfortable, gellin’ shoes) and all my Mardi Gras bling (lots and it was heavy) with a bright orange ribbon in my hair. I was ‘dressed for Halloween, but not as anything in particular.

    kimschs last blog post..Spreading the Wealth

  7. Tonight it’s my favorite black t-shirt with one-of-kind bleach art.

    That lovely piece of laundered artistry is paired with a most comfy and flattering pair of navy blue cotton knit pants. It was my good fortune that washing them in cold water and hanging them to dry rendered them too short for capris and too long for pedal-pushers. This new length will next year’s runway runaway.

    The ensemble is completed with footwear of the most elegant style — black, size 9 extra wide Crocs. These allow plenty of room for thick fuzzy green and pink striped socks to pamper my delicate feet.

    Try not to faint with jealousy. You too can create an ensemble as flattering and lovely if only you try hard enough.

    Donna B.s last blog post..Misdirected Outrage

  8. Right now? It’s the grumpy disheveled look. Bed head, black, 433D AMXD shirt (a Texas Guard airlift wing) that has seen a few too many trips through the washer, a festive madras print in orange, green and yellow on my Fruit of the Loom boxers, the dregs of a cup of strong Cafe’ Americana is washing down a half of a Vicodin ES (damn weather changes), and I am brushing the boulders out of the corners of my eyes.

    I’m saving the real drinking for the little trick or treaters tonight. Wifey will not let me set up a lawn chair on the roof and blast candy at the kids with the PVC burp gun I made a few years ago. Something about me having no balance. So I’ll continuously fog the yard with the mosquito repellant (they’re big enough to carry off the little costumed buggers), consume generous quantities of Scotland’s finest, and lament the political landscape.

    Jeffs last blog post..I Makes LOL

  9. St. Louis Blues sweatshirt with various baby fluids, blue jeans, nearly worn out sneakers. Casual Friday and all.

    Of course, once you quit the job, it’s casual Saturday-Thursday, too.

    Brian J.s last blog post..Comparisons

  10. Orange t-shirt with greenish chinos; I look rather like an inverted pumpkin, which is of course appropriate for All Hallows Eve.

    (I did make sure I was wearing something before I responded. I have some standards.)

    CGHills last blog post..Booty called for

  11. Chaz, I can’t believe you bothered getting dressed for me. I know it’s not your usual mode of habiliment.

  12. Well, it wasn’t just for you; I didn’t want to scare off the ghosts and goblins converging on the neighborhood that evening.

    Besides, it’s seldom a good idea to annoy the neighbors, and you’re only one state over.

    CGHills last blog post..Expect a flood of pollwatcher applications

  13. What can I say, I’m all about details. I’m a government bureaucrat for God’s sake. lol

    wgs last blog post..And the vote is in!

  14. Damn, you got to try absinthe?! It’s banned in most of the free world (and the less-free parts, too). I’ve heard it’s a hell of a buzz. Too bad you can’t really remember.

    lattégirls last blog post..So many thoughts, so little time

  15. The absinthe sold in the U.S. isn’t the traditional stuff. The FDA continues to ban thujone, the chemical from wormwood that gave tipplers such a great buzz. In the U.S. that’s filtered out, leaving a 130 proof alcohol.

    That said, it was still good stuff… as far as I remember. Doubt I touch it again, though. 130 proof is WAY too strong for me.