Tippling Tuesday: What Am I Drinking?

by Venomous Kate

Vodka makes even drunks attractive It’s Tuesday again, which means it’s time for all good Venomites to celebrate this vastly underrated and under appreciated day of the week. Oh, Monday’s suck. We all know that. Wednesdays are Hump Day. Thursdays are, for whatever reason, typically “Ladies’ Night” in bars and on Friday we all get laid.

Or that’s the plan, at any rate.

So what should we do with a Tuesday? Why, here at Electric Venom we celebrate booze!

Now, due to an unfortunate accident involving a glass-rack that wasn’t as firmly screwed into the ceiling as we believed, I don’t have a single martini glass in the house. Since I’m a snob (I don’t even drink wine out of a box, much less beer out of… anything), that means I won’t be having a martini tonight.

I do have two ingredients, though:

1. Brandy; and
2. Ginger ale.

One part brandy and 3 parts ginger ale apparently makes a perfectly lovely mixed drink. Thing is, I have no idea what it’s called! Not that I’d be able to order it if I went to a bar, anyway. Nowadays it’s next to impossible to find one that actually has ginger ale, much less non-diet 7-Up.

So, anyone know the name of this fine concoction?

And, while you’re at it, what are you drinking?

24 Comments to “Tippling Tuesday: What Am I Drinking?”

  1. That sounds yummy. I just discovered Vodka Sevens. Heaven!

  2. Oooh, those are good! My favorite way to drink those is a little more time intensive than pour and stir, but worth it.

    Take the lime (or lemon if you’re a lemming) and run the pulpy part around the rim of your glass. Now, dip the glass in sugar. Turn the glass upright, add 4 ice cubes, 1 part middle-of-the-road vodka and 3 parts 7-up. Now squeeze the rest of the lime into the glass (that’s lemon for you pantywaists) and stir. Do NOT use a straw. The sugar makes it all so much yummier.

    I should probably warn you that if you aren’t as much of a lush don’t have an experienced liver the combination of sugar, carbonation and booze might go to your head a bit quicker than you’d expect.

    But they’re worth it.


  3. I think it’s a Horse’s Neck! I LOVE Whiskey Sours myself:) I can’t drink anything with Rum in it or I drop down half paralyzed–can’t move or talk!

    Lori’s last blog post..Okatai Has Gone to Horse Heaven

  4. Nothing fancy. Swig of baileys before bed.

    There’s a place down the street that has a concoction called a “Stormy Weather” which is a dark rum mixed with a “so strong you need a chaser” Jamaican ginger beer. I think I’ll make it a point to grab one of those tomorrow.

  5. wait…

    and on Friday we all get laid.

    who’s “we”? you got a frog in your pocket?

  6. There’s a brew-pub in Eugene south of here called the Steelhead Brewery that advertises a drink called the Night Train. Not something you’d be into, probably, Kate, but I think it’s good and I’d bet VH would too.

    Take one short pint (just short of a full pint) of very, very, very dark chocolate porter.
    Add one shot of cooled espresso.
    Mix gently.


    wg’s last blog post..Podling update

  7. In Canada we call it “Binger, eh?”

    And being a sometime Floridian, I’m drinking Absolut Ruby Red, an excellent grapefruit flavored vodka, a shot of which goes good with a Bud.

  8. Meh. I’m a fool. “Dark & Stormy” (stormy weather… pssh, dumbass.)

  9. Roman, a ‘Binger’? How apropos!

    WG, chocolate porter? That just sounds so wrong.

  10. Risking that you’ll decide to delink me, I have to confess I drink wine from a box. Of course, not for special occasions – like getting-laid-Friday-nights. For that, I’m a snob, straight single malt scotch.

    I’m also into simplicity. Turn the little knob on the box, or simply unscrew the cap. I don’t have time for all this measuring and mixing stuff.

    On the other hand, when I’m visiting my daughters, I thoroughly enjoy their attempts to create their own personal signature drinks.

    Donna B.’s last blog post..New Legal Search Engine

    From VK: Donna, you ruined my whole image of you. Oh, wait, scotch and sex on Fridays? Good. Image restored.

  11. A friend of mine is a wine in a mylar bag drinker. Hey if it’s what she likes.

    But you’ve redeemed yourself with single-malts (not that MY vote is worth so much necessarily.) I’m personally a fan of the Islay Scotches (Ardbeg being my favorite ‘plain old drinkin’ Scotch.) But a nice old Highland does me some good.

    From VK: The only time wine belongs in a bag is if you can’t make it to the bathroom before you puke. Or, if you’re drinking wine while sitting next to a really bitchy woman and know how to shove your finger down your throat.

  12. It has to be a pretty bad scotch before I won’t drink it 🙂

    My preference lately has been the relatively new Isle of Arran distillery, in part because my bro-in-law gets this great “founders” discounts and almost always visits with a few bottles in his suitcase that are unavailable in the U.S.

    I’m not a huge fan of the “smoky” taste, so that’s another plus for the Arran scotches, both single and blended.

    From VK: Would your brother-in-law happen to be interested in adopting a 40-year-old?

    Donna B.’s last blog post..New Legal Search Engine

  13. See I really love that smokiness. I’ve actually gotten grief from late-shift bartenders I know who smell that I’ve been in the place but didn’t stick around ’til they got there.

    From VK: You could save a fortune by simply lighting up a ciggie and exhaling into a glass of cheap scotch.

  14. Don’t know the name of that cocktail, but whatever I’m having is going to be large and strong. It will have to be after reading the stuff from my last blog entry.

    From VK: I hope that monster gets a nice, long life sentence in a very violent prison supervised by guards with vision and hearing problems.

    Jeff’s last blog post..Sick Twisted Human

  15. Yes Monday’s suck, but they dont suck as much if your make them a Martini or Manhattan Monday. 😉
    Hey I thought we all got laid on Wednesday’s its hump day isnt it?

    From VK: No, silly. On Wednesdays we recover from Tippling Tuesdays.

  16. what is it with all you people running around rampant like a mob of bunnies? Sheesh. Y’all need to give a class or something.

    From VK: Lesson #1… step away from the computer.

  17. I’ve been to the Jameson’s distillery and to the Guinness Brewery. Free Samples!

    kimsch’s last blog post..Stony Brook Survey

  18. Well I’d hoped to install a threaded comment plugin around here to facilitate discussions like this one but, darn it, code monkeys don’t seem to give a hoot whether their plugins work with a blog’s style.css files.


  19. And boxed wine isn’t all that bad, especially if you mix it with 7-up, Ginger Ale, or club soda to make a spritzer…

    Also some higher end wines are being packaged in mylar since it lets the opened wine last much longer since it can’t get oxygenated…

    kimsch’s last blog post..Stony Brook Survey

  20. But, see, if you’ve got to mix wine with something else then it really IS all that bad.

    Okay, I’m now trying a new threaded comment plugin. Yes, I see that I need to fix the colors but let me know if there’s anything else weird going on.

  21. you did

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  22. not bad. email me with the inf. editing and comment luv works with this. Great!

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  23. oh, that explains why I couldn’t get to the comments here yesterday. Your wordpress prowess impresses me.

    Donna B.’s last blog post..My Trip to Arizona