Tippling Tuesday: What’s In Your Olive?

by Venomous Kate

Where the hell did the past seven days go? Seriously, is “time flying” a sign that I’m having fun (and, if so, why don’t I remember it?) or is it a sign that I’m getting old? No, wait. Don’t tell me. I’m not sure that I want to know.

So here it is, Tippling Tuesday again — the day on which we Venomites celebrate the most vastly under-rated day of the week. Someone recently emailed me the question “Why Tuesday? Why not Monday, Wednesday or Thursday?” to which I can only respond: because it’s there.

Think about it: everyone already hates Mondays, Wednesdays are “Ladies Nights” at many clubs (although I’ve been told that has nothing to do with the reason it’s referred to as “Hump Day”) and hursdays are the night on which smart people rest up for the weekend (and let their livers do the same).

So why not Tuesday?

Tonight I am sitting here contemplating the perfection that is known as the Bleu cheese-stuffed olive. (Okay, mine’s stuffed with Stilton, but that just makes it extra yummy.) But I have to confess: I haven’t tried stuffing my olives with too many things. I once bought some garlic-stuffed green olives at the grocery store but didn’t like the crunch involved. And, of course, I’ve had the ubiquitous pimento stuffed green olives that taste much the way gasoline smells.

What other yumminess have you stuffed your olives with? Or do you just consider them — as I used to — your daily fruit serving that offsets the amount of alcohol you’re about to consume?

21 Comments to “Tippling Tuesday: What’s In Your Olive?”

  1. To me, Tippling Tuesday was aptly named, for my best friend and I always made a point of having fun on Tuesday nights. It became a trademark phrase for us… ‘Feels like a Tuesday Night’. 😉

    pams last blog post..Broken Florida

  2. Jalapenos, baby. Yum.

    (Not that I drink martinis – but I’m thinking of picking that vice back up again.)

    Margis last blog post..The quickest way to ensure I never visit your site again:

  3. Jalapenos are my fav edging out only slightly the provolone stuffed olives. Feta isn’t bad but the provolone is way better.

    Rosemary, QOAEs last blog post..What’s Your Pet Peeve?

  4. Jalapeño or habanero stuffed for Bombay. Doesn’t matter much for Beefeater.

  5. I’ve always tried to enjoy Tuesdays, too.

  6. Jalapenos sound yummy. I’ll have to try those!

  7. Provolone? Dear God that sounds awesome. I hate an anchovy-stuffed one today. Also yummy (if you like anchovies… which I do).

  8. Ah, yes. I forget you’re a gin fan. I’ll stick with my vodka martinis, but might have to try the habanero-stuffed olive someday.

  9. I’m too broke to buy beer, after paying the down payment on my minivan. If Red weren’t about a month and a half from delivering the proof that I’m intact, I’d swear I had no nads or something. :s

    wgs last blog post..Presented without comment

  10. You need to ask Red for this for Father’s Day so you can make your own. I bought it for VH for Christmas and he loves it. Plus, after the initial cost, it’s actually cheaper than going to a bar. (Well, if you drink like VH does, that is.)

  11. It will be mine.

    Oh yes.

    It will be mine.

    Actually, I showed that to Red and she thinks it’s a fabulous idea. Something tells me the whole not-drinking-during-pregnancy thing is wearing on her a bit, because now she’s waxing euphoric about me making her a chocolate stout. Or a caramel stout. Or a chocolate caramel stout. Or something else involving one or all three of those terms.

    wgs last blog post..Presented without comment

  12. i love feta stuffed olives
    also fond of almond stuffed olives

    have tried sundried tomato stuffed olives but thats too much of a good thing

    rossis last blog post..paparazzi

  13. I’ll get you a bottle for mothers day.

  14. I was sans computer when you posted this, and therefore am catching up… I adore olives, have had the garlic-stuffed and quite like them, but blue cheese or any appropriately stinky, strong cheese sounds divine. Lordie, the sinful things I have learned from you…

    Lattegirrls last blog post..And so the new phase begins…

  15. You could always do what VH did when the Big-Eyed Boy was born. About 4 hours after delivery — but before my milk had “come in” — he showed up in my hospital room with a martini shaker filled with ice, a glass, a single shot of vodka and two olives. Made me an itty bitty martini right there in the hospital room. It was the best one I’d ever had. The nurses thought it was hilarious.

  16. Ooh, sundried tomatoes. I’d never thought of trying those.

  17. Sans computer? You poor thing! I’ve been offline all weekend long (gallbladder attack) and thought I was going to go insane.

  18. After Friday’s gallbladder attack, I’m not sure I’m up for it!

  19. Hah! I got you beat. 12 days in hospital with a pancreatic attack, 8.5 of which were spent fasting – no foods, no liquids.

    Still, a gallbladder attack is surely no fun.

    Lattegirrls last blog post..Bloody arachnids

  20. Okay, you definitely win. However, if my pancreas now gets jealous of all the attention my gallbladder’s getting and decides to act up, I’m going to blame you. 😉

  21. You don’t want the pancreas to start competing for attention. It hurts like a sonnuvabitch!

    Lattegirrls last blog post..Bloody arachnids